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  1. Shandy 2.0

    The Borgias

    OOH! Who watched The Borgias last night? I don't know if there is an official thread or not but this show deserves one! Real scandal going on beyond the obvious...
  2. Shandy 2.0

    A "little" NFL news

    The players' Union and owners didn't come to an agreement so the lockout started. Here is a letter to the fans from Commissioner Goodell.
  3. Shandy 2.0

    Worst Cooks in America

    I'm watching this show waiting for the Iron Chef to come on and one of the contestants of "Worst Cooks in America" didn't know the difference between a SCALLOP and a SCALLION! :fool:
  4. Shandy 2.0


    *STEUPS* The most responses I ever get is when I post the wrong matchups. *SMDH* Thanks guys. Anyway, I found my TRUSTED source of info. *thinks, thank goodness only 9 people go into the sports section* Quick matchups as follows. I promise I will be thorough for the playoffs. Cowboys at...
  5. Shandy 2.0

    Week 15 NFL - Post Mortem

    OK football fans, I was wrapped up in holiday preparations and even went on a shopping trip this weekend, post your week 15 wrap ups. :polling: BTW the Giants disappointed me yesterday, how the fack you going to give up 4 touchdowns in what? 7 minutes???? :butcher:
  6. Shandy 2.0

    Model's hair catches fire

    At Diddy's listening party. :ohgosh Don't know if this a repost. <object width="640" height="390"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param...
  7. Shandy 2.0

    Prince on the View

    Check Sherrie's reaction. :kicks <object width="640" height="385"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess" value="always"></param><embed...
  8. Shandy 2.0

    NFL Week 14 Bay-bee!

    Yeah I'm real sorry I missed Big Ben imitate Marsha Brady but instead I watched two of my teams be at the receiving end of a bloodbath. I'd rather not talk about it...too painful. *clutches Jets scarf* But this is a new week. This is week 14 and anything can happen and things can change for...
  9. Shandy 2.0

    NFL too much tryptophan Week 12

    So how was your turkey people? who watched the Jets pull off another win? *raises hand* Well, here is the rest of the match ups for this week. Let's see what we're left with... Packers vs Falcons Oddly enough this has the makings of an interesting match. Packers looking well, Falcons...ok...
  10. Shandy 2.0

    Iron Chef America

    Thanksgiving Battle going on now. Chefs Morimoto & Cora vs. Chefs Flay and Symon. Crazy ish going on for a Thanksgiving meal in an hour. I LOVE this show!
  11. Shandy 2.0

    Oprah's Favorite Things 2010

    WOOOOOOOOOW! Is all I can say. Diamond watches, 3-d TV's, 7-day Cruise, Cashmere sweaters! Those lucky ducks in the audience fainting and stuff. :kicks I love watching this episode.
  12. Shandy 2.0

    Oprah's Favorite Things 2010

    WOOOOOOOOOW! Is all I can say. Diamond watches, 3-d TV's, 7-day Cruise, Cashmere sweaters! Those lucky ducks in the audience fainting and thing. :kicks I love watching this episode.
  13. Shandy 2.0

    NFL Week 11 - Thanksgiving Menu Edition

    :brunette: La Football Femme Fatale is back once again and before she go and plan Thanksgiving dinner she has some matchups to post for you all. Two things to note: #1. I didn’t do all the match-ups some of you can preview and analyze those and #2. I didn’t do my fun color coding thing because...
  14. Shandy 2.0

    Week 10 of you know...NFL

    The Football Femme Fatale is back with your matchups. :brunette: JETS vs. Browns - hmmmmmm I call Jets, why because the Browns aint saying much and the Jets rally and win when it the last quarter when half of NY is using either a brown paper bag or difibulator. Patriots vs...
  15. Shandy 2.0

    NFL Week 9

    Well, your Football Femme Fatale is back with another round up of the match ups. Who's ready to predict with me? :brunette: Sunday Brunch-time match ups (1:00PM) (I'm tired of cutting and pasting logos, back to me color coordinatin') Chiefs vs. Raiders: How long will the Raiders go on...
  16. Shandy 2.0

    Fatal Attractions

    Does anybody watch this show? It's about people who own dangerous exotic animals, and some of them get killed by the same animals they love and cherish more than their human friends. People living with lizards roaming their apartments and venomous snakes among other creatures. :ohgosh...
  17. Shandy 2.0

    N.F.L. Week Ocho

    Sunday Afternoon matchups VS hmmmm, the Broncos, isn't this the same team who allowed the Raiders 59 points....Will they still be too demoralized to win this go round? hmmmmm Niners should take this VSOne team with a gimpy 41 year old quarterback vs a team with a QB who styles his hair like...
  18. Shandy 2.0

    FFL Teams owners pulling their hair now!

    Dallas Clark out until kingdom come Reggie Bush out with broken leg??? did I hear right? Favre 2 fractures in his ankle...but he STILL willing to play if they inject his come on Lorenzo! If THIS doesn't say "retire already" what will? Being struck by lightening??? Tony No Show...
  19. Shandy 2.0

    Week 7 of the NFL

    You know how I do. :grin: Soooo, here I go. BTW, tell me your picks dammit! :polling: vs Allyuh know how I feel about Favre, But unfortunately the way the packers are looking I'd pick Viqueens on this run. vs. I say Steelers, what say you? VS I pick ummm.... ummm... ummm... Bengals, I'm going...
  20. Shandy 2.0

    If you need a costume for Halloween

    Here's a suggestion :kicks BED INTRUDER COSTUME | Antoine Dodson Halloween Costume