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    Close Connections Crew 2009 CD

    :superman: thanks socaboy! just popping in..hi Bakes!
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    :kicks *just breezin through and post jacking* the good old days, hope you guys are well!
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    Engaged/Married women...

    Oooh congrats Brownskin and all newly engaged ladies! Yes I say let him handle the outdoor/electronics dept. and you take care of household/necessities..
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    I have ADD and lazyman syndrome..

    Yup if you see meh how sexy..I'm just dusting some cookie crumbs out of one of my chins :fan_1:
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    What are your two biggest flaws?

    part time Anti-socialists unite..we can do it! :superman: Skooly..I know I know :sorry:
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    What are your two biggest flaws?

    1. Procrastination - lord I don't think anyone is as bad as I am 2. It tend to "turtle" --not that I don't like people. I just have major phases were I don't like to socialize and make phone calls and distance myself from people. I don't know why this is though. Some people see this as being...
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    I have ADD and lazyman syndrome..

    Any other significant news going on here for the past two years?? My fingers does lock after I scroll down one page :ph34r: Some burning questions.. Has dragon finally retreated back to his lair?? Have the CTA members finally dried up and gone away?? :diablo:
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    Once Upon A Time...

    :read::read: (Don't mind, he forget a lot of names!) true talk though *sniff*:alcoholic (please excuse my siggy I don't even know whats there anymore....) Wait nah..we don't even have siggys anymore..ok i'm way out of the loop!
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    Flavor Of Love

    I know..I thought the girl was going to say he miss out a good thing! I had to do a double take. And the way he talking about he wants a good role model for the kids..New York is in the running?! Like she only classy part-time lol
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    Did anyone hear about the controversy

    Hey chica :grin: I have not seen the movie but I agree. I know they try to hire actors that capture the essence of the character best..but I'm sure they could have found a good black actor for the role. But if they didn't find out until after the movie was made I guess it was an honest mistake.
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    you is not da daddy dance

    lmao what a clong..if its not a cartwheel..its the harlem shake or raise the roof. I have yet to see a pepperseed or a bogle :scratch
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    Flavor Of Love

    :rofl: hmm I don't know who the trophy should go to..her or bootz! (the way she was droppin it for ying yang twins) New york did lose a lot of weight..she look like she need a big plate of pelau with a WHOLE avocado. Her hair looks unstable..but she did spice the show up. I would love to know...
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    Bootleg CDs need spellcheck...badly

    Oh gosh lol..i does pop in once in a while and macco de business. Hi Senci and Mystic.. :drinks:
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    If You Had To Chose Between These 2 Afflictions

    Yeah boy! I added more veggies to mine though and a little more alfredo. Love that stuff..
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    Am I Wrong For Blowing Him Up

    Damn..I know how that is. If you know you're not wearing deo at least carry some travel wipes..something! At least it wasn't his crotch..because thats 10 times worse :bad:
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    If You Had To Chose Between These 2 Afflictions

    True true..I think I would choose blindness if I had to. You can still hear your loved ones and speak to them. You can stilll play music..look at stevie wonder. You can still wine because you hear the music and W. Indians are born wining anyway so you don't need to watch people lol. When I get...
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    Bootleg CDs need spellcheck...badly

    Allyuh ever notice that if you look at a bootleg cd there MUST ALWAYS be a misspelling. Its so funny..if they don't massacre the artist's name they butcher the song title. I've seen Allison Hinds --- (?)Rool it gyal :confused Scandalous by (?)Marcel :scratch What's some of the mistakes you...
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    What's The Name Of Dat Hot St. Lucian Song?

    hehe he gave you the run around..but wait is he sure it's "BOH" or "BON" which in french/creole is pronounced the same way..meaning "good"
  19. foxxietrini

    What's The Name Of Dat Hot St. Lucian Song?

    I think I know what song you're talking about..Back to basics and foreign bass started playing it..I don't recall the name of it though It goes mes amis...chikita chikita..something something lol i don't know the's a hot song though
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    New York State unemployement?

    Hey does anyone know if they have the option to do direct deposit of the money into your checking account?