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  1. pennywhine

    anything good in PG County Maryland???

    looking for a chill spot to hang out at??
  2. pennywhine

    Hotel/Motel/Holiday Inn

    anyone familiar with some good deals out there? hole in the wall place please,or maybe even a wkly rental....brooklyn,queens preferred...maybe Manhattan....
  3. pennywhine

    Cannibalism was ripe in Jamestown Virgina...."Good ole U.S.A

    CSI Jamestown: Anthropologists lay out evidence of colonial cannibalism Strike marks are seen on the skull of "Jane of Jamestown" during a news conference at the Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History in Washington on Wednesday. Experts have provided the grisly goods to back up...
  4. pennywhine

    Wondering out Loud.....

    In Boston authorities seemed to be able to go get footage from all angles and camera's all around,but in area's of color when murders,rapes,muggings and assaults go down, no such footage exists. are these area's targeted on purpose,because i'm pretty sure if someone they considered important...
  5. pennywhine

    Mohandas Gandi

    commonly known as Mahatma Gandhi, is known world wide as being a simple man of peace and for the people,Dr Martin Luther King seems to have followed his teachings or should i say embraced his way of thinking when it came to the civil rights march,now with this said i want imixers opinion good or...
  6. pennywhine

    Respecting one's mother

    The Child bullying topic has me thinking about "The Respect or lack of Respect" that i notice lots of these young children have for their Mother's, coming up,if I had no respect for anyone,I had it for my Mother and i was a child who was into shit i cyah even mention on here cause is jail...
  7. pennywhine

    Usa vs korea womens volleyball

    This US team is really strong,they may cause problems for the rest of the world....and Destinee Hooker ain't no dammn joke....girl got game
  8. pennywhine

    So I was in the barbershop/rumshop when it close!

    phuuuk allyuh.....Doh judge meh! back to meh story So meh bai come in! right away he start, dah blasted oman i have at home,she does reeel piss meh off man,days now she holding di pattakake hostage like a episode ah 24,all cause i eh come home til marning di odda day Me: so is nah regular u...
  9. pennywhine

    Happy Independance Day Guyana

    A Happy and Blessed REPUBLIC Day to all Guyanese home and abroad,have a great Mashmarani and make it a safe one....
  10. pennywhine

    Happy New Year,Bonne Anne, and Prospero Ano Nuevo

    Continued blessings to the Entire Imix family near and far,young and old,may 2012 find you in Greater Health and spiritual Wealth...ya boi pennywhine
  11. pennywhine

    In regards to Business Admin/Management

    which one of these schools would you reccomend,and why.....all opinions welcome,esp if you are a graduate of one of the following....bless Morgan State Suny Albany Suny Buffalo Cornell Rutgers Penn State Harvard Iona and McGill University in Canada thanks in advance,and if there are any...
  12. pennywhine

    downloadable games

    anyone know where i can find a downloadable(free) game of monopoly that is safe and not a trial version?
  13. pennywhine

    Ncaa tourney games...

    any tourney games on tonight and are there any online streams because my channels are blocked.....HELP!!!!
  14. pennywhine

    Cotto vs Mayorga fight.....

    are there any online links or sites where this fight can be has been siezed :cray:
  15. pennywhine

    guyanese Dora.......funny no ass

    YouTube - Guyanese Dora and Bootz not sure if its a repost.....
  16. pennywhine

    In need of help.......

    familee i need ya help,looking for a song or songs for a wedding party,the grooms and the bridesmaids to come out too...gimme your thoughts,a youtube link would be nice,trying to help meh sistah out here btw should be uptempo
  17. pennywhine


    who sing that chune again, i think its called the wedding song
  18. pennywhine

    in need of ya'llz opinion!

    this is the situation,sister getting married and requires 4 uptempo songs to have her wedding party walk into as they get introduced,i've got a few ideas but decided to put it to the mix..... i await your responses,the genre is n'import quoi! ps:if a link is available to the chunes you...
  19. pennywhine

    tonights nba game

    need a live feed link
  20. pennywhine

    technical mixers i'm in need of some help......

    i am looking for a telephone company who can provide my employer information on whats called a DS3 line.....if anyone has pertinent information on this can you please let me know.