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  1. Oddyannara

    iWriter service

    A lot of my friends use iWriter service and like the results. But I've read other comments about it. Is it a legit service, and is it worth using?
  2. Oddyannara

    How to rent a girl friend?

    How to rent a girl friend?
  3. Oddyannara

    Erotic massage?

    I have heard about erotic massage for a long time, but I have never tried it. Very interesting and I want to find such agency or salon?
  4. Oddyannara


    I really like a striptease. But I don't like going to the strip clubs. Who knows, I can call a girl home so she can dance to me a striptease?
  5. Oddyannara

    How to have fun in Thailand?

    I'm going for a weekend in Thailand, tell me what's interesting there? Escort is especially interested in all kinds of sex entertainment!
  6. Oddyannara

    Birthday of my friend!

    Birthday of my friend! My best friend will have a birthday soon. He has not had a girl for a long time and I think to call a girl from an escort for his birthday! What do you think?
  7. Oddyannara

    Where better to look for dating.

    Where better to look for dating. Already a year I can't start a relationship, I am very shy and afraid to approach the girl. Advise how to become more confident?