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    African Americans saying Cardi B is not Black!

    when did they make the rule on Blackness?
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    Why do you think Soca was able to survive 5 decades and continue to grow stronger?

    70's, 80's,90's,2000's and 2010's right now the genre has a bigger reach than ever with so much influences all over the region and beyond what allowed the genre to hold steady and even expand while other genres died along the way or never had such a reach maybe its because its tied to carnival?
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    Why are some small islanders always hating on trini soca?

    like most trinis just wanna have fun and enjoy their soca while some small islanders always over analyzing or criticizing, when its small island carnival we listen to the song, enjoy it or not and move on. not a constant comparison and hate
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    Top Soca Island of 2017??

    Who bring the most fiyah for the year 2017? best producers, best artists, best crossover songs? who hype up the ting the most
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    Imixers whats up? any action here anymore?

    sounds dead and looking deader
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    Soul food or Trini food?

    Which one is your preference? You would take collard green over trini callalloo? Baked mac cheese or macaroni pie?
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    Whats up IMIX!!!!!!!!!!! where my peoples at???

    wham allyuh place dry like di sahara
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    Why Small islands steal then turn around and act like Trinidad steal their things?

    this is like white people yes, allyuh off
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    Who is the reigning King of Soca?

    so since people were complaining in the last thread i will make them happy. although i am not the biggest fan of Skinny fabulous and Lyrikal i will give them a chance over some of the weaker links.
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    Trinidad & Barbados

    bow down because the amount of sweet music you all giving us right now is crazy! hit upon hit i am not even sure what to listen to songs that i will be listening to for a long time!
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    Mar Pierre ft Stadic - this song is fiyah!

    its not soca but def smoothe
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    Who is the reigning Queen of Soca?

    reigning meaning they are without a doubt the biggest female artist RIGHT NOW. they have the hits, the videos, the fans, the most bookings across the region and worldwide etc
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    Caribbean accents

    Trini accent - It depends on the person and which part of the country they are from they can sound different depending on if they are speaking in the dialect or standard English. Trini accent - one of the biggest mish mash of all the West Indies I would say the influences are Welsh, London...
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    Trini soca artists

    they are some crafty mofos. They are very versatile and they know to go all over the Caribbean and the world to get the right production for their music, they will not limit themselves to just producing all their music in Trinidad. That's why I think we should stop calling music, "Trini soca"...
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    Grenadian music - popcorn music

    i would say very few of these songs turn into classics just jab jab jab jab where is the versatility for these artists, too predictable
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    Hillary is playing you black people for fools!

    she is a crook and tainted just like Obama. I cant believe some of you all cannot peep the game.
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    Why do most Jamaicans dislike Black Americans??

    I notice in interacting with the different Caribbean nationalities, Many Jamaicans have a negative attitude towards Black Americans the most. Not saying that some other Caribbean people don't share negative views but Jamaicans seem to be most pronounced. And people don't act like I am crazy...
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    The whole carnival culture of West Indians getting so stale, contrived and played

    Out, it's basically the same thing over and over, no new ideas and music. It's so annoying to be around WI who only live for carnival, it's just not interesting anymore.
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    Straight people in gay clubs! Would you indulge?

    I went to the gay bar yesterday, pretty cool place for queeny older gay men who like disco tunes and younger guys, straight girls and fag hags. It's a more non judgement all accepting atmosphere than the regular starlight bar. Do you think it's cool for straight men and woman to frequent gay...