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    Who going to this thing?

    I wish It should be really good. I wish I was in NY to attend. Two news pieces in talk about it Wendell and Errol from Gayelle TV are supposed to host it so if you miss it stay...
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    Art Decoteau was a prolific musician and is credited with working with numerous artists. He is also the father of soca artist Ronnie McIntosh. If you speak to any of the veteran calypsonians they will be able to inform you.
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    Vote here for Artiste of the week

    WHo is the idiot who pick th eartist to be voted on? Not only when is the last time that sharlene had a song but when last TC sing soca for those of you who dont know she singing strictly zouk at the moment. As for Rose this is definetly her year. Talk about a comeback. Thank God for Double D...
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    soca queen?

    If is one ting Denise doh sing is rapso - ragga soca but definitely not rapso. So try an get it right. If not Denise den nobody go get it because the rest of them are jolly come lately. If Destra last 5 year den we could give she a bligh. But I really like the Soca Princess title.
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    soca queen?

    Let's be honest none of them new fly by nights including Alison can touch the sacy wow she been consistently giving us hit after hit for as long as I can remember and even teach many how to wine. So crown the queen nah. Nuff said!!!:music