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  1. foxxietrini

    I have ADD and lazyman syndrome..

    Any other significant news going on here for the past two years?? My fingers does lock after I scroll down one page :ph34r: Some burning questions.. Has dragon finally retreated back to his lair?? Have the CTA members finally dried up and gone away?? :diablo:
  2. foxxietrini

    Bootleg CDs need spellcheck...badly

    Allyuh ever notice that if you look at a bootleg cd there MUST ALWAYS be a misspelling. Its so funny..if they don't massacre the artist's name they butcher the song title. I've seen Allison Hinds --- (?)Rool it gyal :confused Scandalous by (?)Marcel :scratch What's some of the mistakes you...
  3. foxxietrini

    New York State unemployement?

    Hey does anyone know if they have the option to do direct deposit of the money into your checking account?
  4. foxxietrini

    Trinidad is only really worth $25,000!

    . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . On the TV show "Who wants to be a Millionaire". I was watching it this afternoon and the $25,000 question was "Trinidad and Tobago is located of the coast of what country?" Well the man took the 50/50 and ended up with Venezuela and Brazil left. He guessed...
  5. foxxietrini

    So what do you do..

    on a day when you're not feeling particularly confident and sexy about yourself?? :( I feel when I get home i'm going to put on my old 2002 sesame flyers mas costume and breakaway in my house.
  6. foxxietrini

    Why is it a crime to

    admit that you have a small bamsee?? or a fladass according to them yankees :rolleyes: you know what..I will continue to represent the long back crew HARD :cool:
  7. foxxietrini

    The "Club Types" may know them all

    PEOPLE YOU SEE IN A NITE CLUB, STARRING.... CAPTAIN WORKOUT This guy spends all week in the gym and needs little or no reason to wear his skin tight shirt you can see is heart beating and parade's around the club like Mr. Universe. SHAMALEKA SPANDEX You know her . . . 300 lbs. size 48, buys a...
  8. foxxietrini

    Memoirs of a Geisha-- the movie I recently read this book and loved it! I have a new fascination with geisha and the Japanese culture. There is some controversy surrounding the film because the main characters are Chinese, the movie was filmed mostly in San Francisco, the...
  9. foxxietrini

    Post your recipes! (pics)

    I would like to start a new post. Here you can post pictures of new recipes that you try out. All you need is a digital camera, and a image hosting site such as Imageshack -- This was the 1st meal i've ever made (don't laugh)..just this past weekend. I...
  10. foxxietrini

    Boldfacedness(yes I made up the word lol)

    I just want to say that in 2k5...A lot of people getting too fresh and out of order. A man was trying to talk to me on the train. I asked him if he has kids. He says he has 3 kids and they still need a step mom, so he will give me a call (excuse you>?!) These teeny boppers on the train. lawd...
  11. foxxietrini

    Happy Birthday Tuchanleggo!

    Enjoy your big day..and celebrate this weekend..juuust try to keep your shirt on :p
  12. foxxietrini

    Lyttle gets dissed on plastic surgery site "I was watching tv the other day and saw the most hideous nose... This guy is from the Caribbean and is a new artist who's video is featured on MTV's TRL. His nose is suspect to me. It is still huge, but it looks pinched in some pics...
  13. foxxietrini

    Complete Trini carnival virgin

    I have never been to Trini carnival. I know it's a shame. I'm a complete novice but I'm considering going next year. But it just seems so overwhelming. If you had to create a step by step guide to playing mass in Trini (including insider tips), what would you include? Best time to book flight...
  14. foxxietrini

    Horror movie fans..

    The Exorcist:The Beginning and The Village are coming soon. I love horror movies and I definitely want to see these. Anyone else going? :)
  15. foxxietrini


    CLEAR YOUR INBOX SO YOU CAN GET YOUR MESSAGES :rolleyes: btw..good morning :)
  16. foxxietrini

    I think kevin lyttle..

    Might have sounded better if he was to sing over Senorita by Troots and Ice w/ Sean paul doing the deep vocals :duck :kicks could work!
  17. foxxietrini

    So Brittany is engaged..

    For this week at least..but did you know that her fiance, Kevin Federline has a baby momma? She already has a child for him and is pregnant with his second. It's due anyday now. And his BM is Shar Jackson, the girl who played Moesha's best friend :eek: jeez, I kinda liked that girl. Kevin lied...
  18. foxxietrini

    Bad news girls..

    Boris Kudjoe is engaged to Nicole Parker from Soul Food. There goes all hope :headbang NOT that I liked him, I just thought the fans would like to know ;)
  19. foxxietrini

    80's tv theme songs

    Sometimes I listen the little clips of theme songs from my favorite old shows Here's some of my favorites
  20. foxxietrini

    Fahrenheit 9/11 So who's going to see it? Bake and shark..are you going today or this weekend? :D