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    Another wicked Burning Flames Mix

    I don't think I posted this one before because it came out in February 2015 songs sound clear and clean. If they only had included "Who Get Um Tek Um" and "Jam Pond" would have been icing on this cake. I just love their harmonizations from the voices to the instruments and that wicked...
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    Who is this Nessa Preppy?

    Mini concert with Mr. Renzo. Girl have some vybes <iframe width="640" height="360" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> An earlier interview <iframe width="640" height="360"...
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    Onyan quits as leader of Burning Flames, Again

    This happened 3 months ago, so I guess there are some changes going on but the title of this article where this came from is ambiguous, did he resigned as leader of the band or did he leave the band altogether? And being that him and Oungku had about 3 concerts or so, I am hoping that these...
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    Some 2015 tunes for Trinidad that I like

    2015 shaping to be a good one, but still early. These are some tunes that kinda caught my attention.
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    Antigua Roadmarch Results

    Winner - Fete by Menace <iframe width="640" height="360" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> 2nd place - Chupit U Chupit by Sir Oungku and Red Hot 3rd place - Hide and Seek by Ricardo Drue <iframe width="640"...
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    Antigua's Carnival Parade 2014 Live

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    Antigua Jouvert Live

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    Congrats Ricardo Drue Antigua's New Soca Monarch 2014 (Jumpy)

    He should have won both categories but congrats to him anyways. Tian retains Groovy Soca Monarch crown | Antigua Observer Newspaper
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    Antigua Panorama 2014 live tonight Thurs

    Supposedly there are 8 steelbands competing for panorama. This is the carnival live stream link: Ustream.Tv I might probably delete this thread after the show depending on the amount of comments. Observer radio:
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    Onyan & Oungku .... Mash Flat Let Um Go

    <iframe width="640" height="360" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> Well, its been 16 years of waiting for this and I am hoping this is just a start of a new beginning ... this made my day.
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    Antigua Party Monarch Finalists

    CDC names Party Monarch finalists | Antigua Observer Newspaper Crowd favorite Menace is among nine who will join Tian Winter in the finals of the Groovy Monarch Competition. Winter was a no-show last night. Menace’s ‘Ah Fete We Ah Come to fete’ left fans wanting more after he performed at the...
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    Antigua Party Monarch Semifinalists announced

    Taken from Antigua Observer at 2014 Party Monarch Semi-Finalists announced | Antigua Observer Newspaper ST JOHN’S, Antigua – The Carnival Development Committee (CDC) has released the names of the artistes who will compete in the Party Monarch 2014 Semi-Finals, which will be held on July 21 at...
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    Itunes to formally recognize soca and calypso as genre(s)

    About time, thank you Dr. Alvin Williams and Dr. Geoffrey Dunn. So in the very near future calypso and soca artists don't have to label the music as world beat or reggae on iTunes, hopefully this spreads to other major online music outlets like Amazon. And also maybe this can give soca a...
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    Mad-T-Guans Junior Soca Monarch Competition

    Its a soca monarch competition for the youths of Antigua. I just feel I should big up this group of young artistes and wish them well in this endeavor **** MAD-T-GUANS JUNIOR SOCA MONARCH COMPETITION*** Our Aim * Preserve our...
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    New Antigua Music 2014

    Some new tunes for the upcoming carnival summer 2014. A few don't sound like soca, but its for carnival, hence the thread title.
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    This early?

    Heard some new tunes for the summer. And read an album to be release soon from 2 weeks ago. 6 months away is too early to be excited, but I am.
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    Some Past Panorama Performances on the Drag from 70s and 80s (as a warm up to semis )

    I will post some of them, and chronologically. Defending from 1976 and eventual champions of 1977 Desperadoes playing Crawfie <iframe width="640" height="360" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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    Antigua National Schools Panorama 2013 & 2012

    A panorama competition among the different schools in Antigua playing 5 -6 min arrangements. I found it interesting particularily last years. I like the more open choice of songs as oppose to the National Panorama where the big bands are mostly stuck on Shortshirt and Swallow tunes from the 70s...
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    Flames Unity Thread, music from year to year from present to past

    This is a thread I am starting, which will take a while to complete. Well actually it will be incomplete since not all of their songs, not even half, are on youtube. Although this unity thing is still speculation at this point, I just felt like doing something that reflect on the volume of...
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    Flames brothers, same night, same stage?

    For the first time in 16 years? I read this some where on twitter. Can somebody verify if this is true? Because I know last year they did one event the same night, and I have a feeling this is what it is.