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    Quuestion to American Imixers

    Is it offensive for people to refer to you as Afro American? Is African American a suitable way to refer to you? I await your responses. Big argument going on here.
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    Hey pardna, I am searching for a calypso, maybe you can help me. The only words I could remember are in the chorus "I macco she and she macco me". It's a feela singing and it's nearly 10 years old and I have the impression the singer is Grenadian.
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    Shocking! May the victims rest in peace and their families have strength to cope. Ex-Camp Pendleton Marines who killed husband-wife should get death penalty, jury finds - NY Daily News 6.21.2013, 11:59 AM Ex-Camp Pendleton Marines who killed husband-wife should get death penalty, jury finds...
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    Can a Dominican or anyone who has been to Dominica

    please tell be the best and easiest way to get to Dominica from anywhere in the USA, Europe or South America. Thanks.
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    Do you think people can really change?

    You know how it is said that a tiger cannot change its stripes in relation to people not being able to change who they are, what's your take on that? I believe that people are who they are, and after a certain age and stage if somebody say they are changed, it probably is only to a degree of...
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    Why is the Pope resigning?

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    Where de Friday thread asking people wha deh learn dis week? Is this it?

    I've been looking for it. :read:
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    How would you treat with this?

    A person, let's call him Franco, has lived many years of his adult like working hard in America. Franco is a Trini with one side of granparents being Grenadian. Franco worked hard and build a nice villa in Grenada, that he may or may not retire in, it's a place he goes to once or twice a year to...
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    It's 8.45 am by me on December 22nd 2012

    The world did not end. Full stop and Amen!
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    Further discussion about the N word.

    During the time that I first started living in Germany, it was becoming politically incorrect to use the word Neger. Many Germans argued that there was no malice behind the use of the word, so why should they have to stop using it because the "African" population of Germany was growing and it's...
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    You ever had a bad intuition about somebody and was proven right?

    As I said in another thread, I had an iffy feeling about a guy and he turned out to be an American serial killer. I had a bad feeling about a particular fella 'sooping' (I mean that stupid whistling sound mainly lusting men make in the West Indies) me within 30 seconds of looking at his...
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    I had a very interesting conversation with a white man today.

    He said that he was working in the USA for a while and he observed that white american women were too submissive and a lowering the standards of all women in general and across the board with their overly submissive behaviour in relationships, and that it was a shame that some black men are...
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    Carlos and Black Madonna

    Although the way you express things are "out there" and "unconventional"(for want of better words on my path), and even though I do not agree with everything you both say and do, I would like to thank you sincerely for the lessons I have learned from you both. I cannot express here at this...
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    Post in here things said or done in your country that you find strange or funny.

    I find people naming hairstyles names like "gyal a rush me" And giving colds and flus names according to what is topical at the time indeed strange and funny.
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    Tribe Band 2013

    Those Butterflies are WICKED! Carnival Tribe - 2012
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    Jordanian MP pulls a gun on his critic during a live tv debate

    And this is after he throws his shoe! Jordanian MP pulls a gun on his critic during live TV debate | The Times of Israel
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    Waw! I never heard a Bajan cuss so yet!!!

    She well put him on blast! Babbzy Says.. Mario Robinson In Trinidad Suck Yuh Rasshole Self..... - YouTube
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    Funny Youtube videos

    Post the youtube videos you find funny in this thread. This one cracks me up everytime :rofl: :rofl: Channeling the Dead "Scare Tactics" Episodes - YouTube
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    Swallow, song help please.

    Hi, how yuh going? Help please. I am searching a chune, I believe Bounty Killer sang it. I cannot remember the name if the song and I don't know all the lyrics, but I can remember one line " girl love superstar, girl love candy bar". It's old, sometimr between 95 and 97 remember it being...
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    Wife sings in court. Lol

    Doesn't matter if this is a repost, it's still funny! Deitra Hicks also Datra Hicks sings in court LMAO - YouTube