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  1. Soca_Loving_Trini

    Kelly-Ann Baptiste tests positive

    Oh boy.... Kelly-Ann Baptiste becomes latest top sprinter to fail drug test | Mail Online
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    Funny videos

    I'm bored post some funny videos please..... and i mean make me laugh like a jamette til I cry funny:dirol: this one had me going today: <iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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    Carnival Wrap up

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    Ravi B Prescription

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    2012 Resolutions

    Since everyone is talking about 2013 resolutions, how about we discuss what you achieved from your 2012 resolutions? Those who wanted to lose weight or get fit did you succeed? Any attitude changes or losing the negative people in your life who were weighing you down?:polling:
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    Monday wear ideas

    Seeing as I dont have a creative bone in my body can someone suggest some ideas for Monday wear? Inexpensive options (costume still to pay off) & even online sites:confused
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    Nexus 7 or Samsung galaxy tab 2??

    As of now the nexus 7 is out of stock (16GB) online so i'm shit out of luck until maybe after xmas. But i'm wondering if to wait or just get a galaxy tab 2. Should I?
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    Looking for two songs

    Anyone have links to these two songs help me out please: 1) garlic sauce -All Rounder 2) I looking for constable (not sure who sing it but thats the lyrics)
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    Any imixers own a kindle or any other e-reader???
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    Anyone else fins KMC sound a little bitter?

    KMC tells them as it is! | The Trinidad Guardian
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    Glee the movie

    Any gleeks took in this movie yet? Still deciding if to pay $65 to see this in 3D I mean was it necessary to be 3D?
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    Imix Ladies come in....

    So I'm graduating in a few months and I've begun looking for a dress and I'd appreciate a little help. Graduation colour is white and of course we have to wear a gown and cap over it. I'm looking for something short and simple not too flashy but still classy you know. So far I've seen 2 that i...
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    RIP Allyson Hennessy

    Alyson Henessey Passed Away Allyson is dead at 63 By by Aabida Allaham Story Created: May 8, 2011 at 10:41 PM ECT Story Updated: May 8, 2011 at 10:41 PM ECT VETERAN television personality Allyson Hennessy has died at the age of 63. Hennessy, who for many...
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    Pique and Shakira together???

    Am I late?? Aww little dancing barca babies..... *cupid's advocate*:elf:
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    Got my costume!!!!!

    Well my costume is in hand, Yuma's service was pleasant no complaints on that however my belt is toooooooooooooooo big and so far no responses about fixing it sooo this week they'll see me commenting rather frequently on their wall until I'm forced to get *clears throat*loud... On a lighter...
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    What Ish Peter Ram singing??

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    Help needed

    Any Imixers leaving from FLorida to come TnT carnival? Orlando or around the Kissimmee area to be exact my family over there has a package for me and it would be cheaper thean shipping... trustworthy applicants only please:grin:
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    Hard to be happy when so much tragedies...

    Seems like I'm only hearing about death in Trini this Christmas season, in addition to two bad accidents where about 8 ppl lost their lives, this morning Kenny J's wife passed away (not sure the circumstances). And also heard Benjai was in a car accident but he's ok... People be safe please:(
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    Brownilus step inside...

    I am so enjoying your enthusiasm and curiosity about Trini carnival I mean you're making me so happy lol you wouldn't believe. I am very passionate about Carnival and when i tell people that they take it to mean I just like to fete and wine my ass down on Monday and Tuesday but thats not it...
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    Band Troubles

    Taken from bachanal brewing anybody registered in said band :confused band have no money, designers leave, investors leave damn.... Edited: If the rumours are true seems like one Carnival Band may be left without costumes for Carnival 2011 ! I have been VERY reliably...