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  1. MR HYPE

    Blackberry 10 Sneak Peek

    same here
  2. MR HYPE

    Miami carnival 2012

    lemme know what corner...
  3. MR HYPE

    Miami carnival 2012

    u going?
  4. MR HYPE

    What's goin on this WEEKEND?

    beer and crab fest national harbor... just going for the beer
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    stop beg pu55y.... have some pride
  6. MR HYPE

    Brittany Griner dunks in ncaa tourney game

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    so i can see that face more
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    i just want her to turn around...
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    Do you have a dislike for Guyanese?
  12. MR HYPE

    Misty Copeland

    i see future foot pains and many toe surgeries in her future
  13. MR HYPE

    Why i married my own biological mother to be my wife !!!!

    is he having kids by other women who are not his bloodline?
  14. MR HYPE

    Do you still eat the same way and foods

    seen i feel that some of our foods from the WI are so fattening, so i ry not to eat the same things over and over. especially no where i rarely go to the gym or play basketball
  15. MR HYPE

    Overrated Foods

    i left u some lunch.
  16. MR HYPE

    Do you still eat the same way and foods

    as u did in the WI or when you was a younger? . also now that u r more informed about various foods do u try to eat smarter.
  17. MR HYPE

    Farrakhan Comes to T&T This Month

  18. MR HYPE

    What wud your Last Meal be???

    fish and chips, vge roti....and a mauby
  19. MR HYPE

    Who is imix biggest bulla man

    its a toss up (LOL) between optifabulous and swaggerfifficfabulous