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    ladybug...where are you .....aye...

    it is about time me and you deh
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    Unnu still giving Brownilus a hard time?

    I think i want to book a trip with her next year
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    what ever happened to Islandfantasy

    is she still around? did she ever pay b.....ah forget it. I hope she is OK
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    so...what did I miss?

    big up everyone, i hope unnu are all doing better since i was last here. hopefully all of unnu got rich. Hopefully you all are thriving and life couldnt be better. If not, dont give up, keep fighting.
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    Richard Torpedo Thompson at commonwealth games...

    How he didn't make di final? How he run 9.8 something early in the year and now run 10.16 and don't make di final. something aint right
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    trini airport lock down...nobody cya leff!!

    Passport people, bwee pilots...baccanall. How unnu nah talk bout dat?
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    were is di Bunji summerjam thread?

    I hear he reach late and only got to perform 1 song Super star status...
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    geometry experts..come in please

    I have a problem for you young guns to solve: Right triangle ABC has a perimeter of 132. The hypotenuse is 55. What are the lengths of the other 2 sides?
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    Barclays Weekend - No Super Blue /Marley Bros

    Another dahved levy scam!
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    who wants to bet me that I can get to 2 million credits by the end of the day?

    Any takers? Im in a gambling mood. I lose all me credits on a football match but dat is small ting..
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    top reasons why the Wiaca carnival sucks!

    1. terrible line up of their shows at the museum 2. this is 2013 yet they build the stage and set the place up to look like some bruk pocket people trying a ting back in 1975 3. they let any and everyone bring a truck on the parkway the neighborhood that hosts this wiadca carnival is improving...
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    what ever happened to the IMIX rum shop?

    I miss that place...I used to rhell shop een there boy!
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    jehue gordon-world champion!

    Big up di trini yute. Finally won a major championship
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    who going to see farmer nappy, patrice, skinny and biggie irie next week?

    I looking for a nice soca fete to get me in the labor day swing. Is this one gonna be it? Only thing im worried about is going to tiki village. What is di scene?
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    tiki villiage -vs - pulse 48..

    Which junkyard keeps di better fetes?
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    why are people outraged about zimmerman getting off?

    What did they expect to happen? This is america. The same sh!t been happening for 100's of years.
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    baby mommas are the problem...not the dads!!

    Traditionally baby daddys had the bad rap about not being a good parent. Recently though I noticed a huge the trend is that baby mommas be wylin. I have 4 friends, all proffesional dudes, all eith baby mommas that are going mommas all called police on them and all give the...
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    since I am indianute I should be given 5 million credits...

    Because of the injustice bestowed upon me as indianute I am requesting 5 million credits and my name switched back. My rights were violated by a moderator that eventually become terminated from the imix family. justice... No peace!!!!
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    question about soca events in august...

    why cant i see the august parties in the event section? im trying to plan my august liming but cant find any events. any other site have the fete line-ups?
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    just back from jamaica- trip report inside...

    Jamaica tun up. Simple as that. Carry on.