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  1. Nica

    A.k.k.S... Can you bump your Belize threads?

    I need to go through your thread on Belize.
  2. Nica

    Eh eh yuh reach back?!

    Hola chicos y chicas Just thought I'd drop by for a hot minute, hour or day....whatever suits my fancy. So how y'all doing? What's the news.... any updates that might interest me?
  3. Nica

    The background is cool Draggy!

    Even if I'm not into the carnival scene anymore, I can appreciate it.
  4. Nica

    Give the ring back!!

    NFL Star's Ex-Fiance Calls Off Wedding, Keeps $750,000 Ring NFL Star's Ex-Fiance Calls Off Wedding, Keeps $750,000 Ring | Watch the video - Yahoo! Good Morning America
  5. Nica

    Belgian discovers his wife used to be a man after 19 years

    The man, only named as Jan, married Monica, his family's former au pair in a previous marriage, in 1993 despite legal difficulties raised by the Belgian immigration authorities. But it was only in recent weeks that he discovered that his wife had originally been a man and had undergone a sex...
  6. Nica

    Black Friday

    Every year I say I'm going to go shopping for deals but I never end up doing it. I just cannot fathom getting out of bed in the wee hours of the morning to go shopping for anything. I don't NEED anything that badly anyways. Besides deals can be had all year round and online. So who here has had...
  7. Nica

    A little Friday Humor

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  8. Nica

    John McCain skipped briefing on Benghazi to hold press conference complaining...

    John McCain skipped briefing on Benghazi to hold press conference complaining about lack of info What an idiot. (CBS NEWS) -- While Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., was leading a press conference Wednesday to condemn the administration's lack of transparency regarding the attacks in Benghazi...
  9. Nica

    Robmey's peeps accidentally made his "victory" website live

    It appears Mitt Romney's campaign prepared a transition site in the event that he won. I think that's normal... but someone from his camp made the site live today. It's rather comical :taunt::taunt: They already took it down but here are some screen shots Romney's Transition Site
  10. Nica

    Must be the machines Robmey's people bought

    <iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> PA Voting Machine Taken Offline After This Video Showed Obama Vote Going To Romney - Forbes
  11. Nica

    Company affiliated with Romney bought voting machines for Ohio

    Liberal critics worry about Romney connection to voting machines in Ohio - The Washington Post
  12. Nica

    Light-hearted humor "Binders full of women" jokes

    so people took to amazon and started leaving reviews for avery binders... here are a few: Customer Reviews: Avery Durable View Binder with 2 Inch EZ-Turn Ring, White, 1 Binder (17032)
  13. Nica

    Trapped in the Closet Ch. 23 (SMH)

    This dude still making those trapped in the closet <object width="448" height="374"><param name="movie" value=""><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><embed...
  14. Nica

    No Doubt Ft. Major Lazer

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  15. Nica

    Imix app

    My iPad keeps telling me to download the app but leads me to the general tapatalk app So what's up Stryka or Draggy?
  16. Nica

    Forbes Special 30th Anniversary Issue

    So on June 26, 161 billionaires and near-billionaires gathered at the New York Public Library for The Forbes 400 Summit on Philanthropy, the greatest-ever meeting of its kind. Oprah Winfrey kicked off the day, and Warren Buffett and Bill Gates also gave keynote talks. Melinda Gates, Diane Von...
  17. Nica

    Can You Become a Creature of New Habits?

    I'm currently attempting to develop new habits... positive healthy habits and I found this article that I thought was interesting.
  18. Nica

    "what the fcuk has obama done so far" (see site)

    The link outlines a number of Obama's achievements over the 3.5 years in office. It actually pokes fun at the repubs who seem to think Obama did nothing. The name is a stab at repubs who may really ask.. copy and paste this below
  19. Nica

    Chad John .. what an idiot

    Chad Johnson desperately wants to let Evelyn Lozada know he still cares about her ... so he went out and got an image of her FACE tattooed on his right leg with the name "Eve" underneath it. Johnson posted the photo on his Twitter page today ... the image is his new profile pic featured at the...