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  1. bigbumpertrini

    2009 carnival presentations according to saucytrini

    * Brian Mac Farlane — Africa * Ronnie & Caro — Bakkanal * Island People Mas — Heaven & Earth * Trini Revellers — Sweet TnT...Tribute to T&T * Genesis — Glitz & Glamour of Vegas * Legacy — Shanghai Dream * D’Krewe — Iere * Masquerade — Let the Music Play * We People International — Paradisio...
  2. bigbumpertrini

    IP on Carnival Tuesday Issue

    Dear IP Mas-querader, We would like to express our overwhelming gratitude to you forbringing Island People MasAnimal Instincts to life for Carnival2008. Thank you so much for choosing to play mas with us. As you may know, our official pre-planned Carnival route changedon Tuesday afternoon and...
  3. bigbumpertrini

    ip online registration at 12 noon

    IP Mas Newsletter Hi Alicia Thanks again for your patience in regards to online registration. We are prepared to start online registration at 12 Noon today. We had a HUGE rush yesterday in the mas camp and we expect the same online. If you get a message saying a costume sold out then...
  4. bigbumpertrini

    Ip Costumes Prices.....
  5. bigbumpertrini

    new majorette head piece

    allyuh eh find that headpiece looking like pride head piece from last year ???????
  6. bigbumpertrini


    What re you ladies wearing in your feet? I found a nice red and whie guess sneakers on ebay for 25$ US....
  7. bigbumpertrini

    Sonia Mack

    ah hear sonia mack is lead section for island people.....
  8. bigbumpertrini

    Carnival 2k7 band launch

    A lil birdie tell me that.... TRIBE launch is the 12th August and there theme is RETRO ISLAND PEOPLE launch is 19th August and the theme is SAHARA
  9. bigbumpertrini

    wham tuh den bagans....

    wham tuh dem bagans boy..thas they last time i pass thru them country to go home yes...and come back too..imagine them trying to take people headpiece ..i good tell them off and the let me go with mines...but if u see headpiece they take from people...i see all kinda ip headpiece behind they...
  10. bigbumpertrini

    IP costume for sale

    IP Blue Butterfly size 36C medium....somebody buy it nah....
  11. bigbumpertrini

    ip costume pick up dates...

    pick up all yuh costumes.....
  12. bigbumpertrini


    you sent me a it concerning the costume i have for sale?????
  13. bigbumpertrini

    destra in ip butterfly?

    is that the red ip butterfly costume destra wearing in her max it up video????
  14. bigbumpertrini

    IP Blue Butterfly Backline 4 sale

    i have a blue butterfly for sale. size 36c medium bikini anyone interested pm me please. deposit $600 TT ot $100US
  15. bigbumpertrini

    Dr Silk...

    Eldo Have A Pan Side This Year....what It Name?
  16. bigbumpertrini

    imixer what is...

    what fetes you all going to from carnival wednesday to sunday...i want to know what is the run down so i could decide whey to go....
  17. bigbumpertrini

    ip butterfly backline for sale

    anybody interested? ip butterfly blackline in blue for sale ...cant remeber the size but i will post it just now....anybody interested in teh mean time
  18. bigbumpertrini

    HAPPY Birthday to MEEEEEEEE!

    Happy Birthday To Meeeee.....
  19. bigbumpertrini

    Dr. Silk

    Check Yuh Effing Pm Nah
  20. bigbumpertrini

    All My Gaurdians of hope...

    Who else playing in that section???? I am