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  1. sexysheena

    islandmix trini`s please help NOW

    Ok i don`t know if this is a west indian word, but i do know it`s a trini term of saying ya real flippin greedy. licorish or licorice. What is the correct spelling of this word? Or how does this word really spelled? My sister and i have been going on and on about it this word for days, and i...
  2. sexysheena

    Short Shorts

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  3. sexysheena

    Soca On Demand 1yr

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  4. sexysheena

    lyrical getting on bad on hot 97 now

    bomani fafa and kuttra dan on hot 97 mashing up the radio for real i cyah wait to get to the club.
  5. sexysheena

    what fete we going tonight

    ah reach back in new york so where we partying tonight i got a new outfit
  6. sexysheena

    where we going tonight

    where de lime is tonight. what fete we hitting
  7. sexysheena

    how true is this, they found 2pac

    i heard on the radio today, that they found 2 pac. And he's not dead, the dud is alive and parting Is it a rumore and it's just someone big joke. It's on the news and shit. I don't know, but did anyone else heard of it. It could be a case of wrong id, but who knows now.
  8. sexysheena

    de gallery vex withme or what

    why is it that i can't het to see the 2005 fete pics. why all yuh so.
  9. sexysheena

    Is it true, is 3sun coming to new york

    Hmmm what do i have very short to wear. :confused Yes yes i know i'm sound like a groupie :lol :p :p :p :p I don't know how true but i heard it on 107.9 yesterday. If it is so Yum Yum dance1 dance1 dance1`
  10. sexysheena

    3suns looking good

    I recently saw some new photos of 3SUNS and i have to admit they looking damn hot.
  11. sexysheena

    If you see this man please call the police

    Have you seen this pervert? He’s wanted by the cop for a number of rapes and sexual harassment cases of the sate of sesame. It you cross this individual please be very careful and notify the police right away. He’s said to arm and extremely dangerous.... He's also wanted in the connection of...
  12. sexysheena

    micheal jacksom mug shot

    :kicks :kicks :kicks what a weirdo
  13. sexysheena

    Beenie Man sorry for homophobic lyrics

    i know ah late with this news Beenie Man is apologizing for his homophobic lyrics. The dancehall singer had to cancel a tour date in the UK after complaints from gay and lesbian groups there. He released a statement apologizing It said: "It has come to my attention that certain lyrics and...
  14. sexysheena

    But ent Beyonce wear weave

    Can some body please explain how Beyone long hair real. I know no body care but i am left wondering here. Beyonce currenly makes up to $4.7 million for working only 10 days a year for L'Oreal, a company that creates products for hair care. Beyonce, however, must inform L'Oreal of any radical...
  15. sexysheena

    destiny's child back in the game

    Destiny's Child will have a new album out in Stores November 16th, which will feature songs by the group as well as turns by the individual members. The CD will also double as a DVD when flipped over. So am who here really cares, let show of the hands...
  16. sexysheena

    All yuh remember Boyo,Carla, Harry and Jenny

    From the reading book from primary school, it was written by Frank M Porter ah think... I had forgotten clean about that book, but it had some good stories though.
  17. sexysheena

    sean paul in concert tomorrow

    but in switzerland. Wish i was there, i rather go concert in countries that are not to crazy about the artist. Cause it's a nice crowd, and the artist come chill with everyone later on and small talk.
  18. sexysheena

    i don't care who don't like it, i'm saying it

    i'm not racist, but i'm just saying Now who don't like to hear, take it and cool it... Now i have no idea why some black american women thinks that, some lighter complexion women from the west indies are afraid of them. Now this shit had to stop, i know i look innocent but believe me i'm not...
  19. sexysheena

    Kevin lyttle a theif

  20. sexysheena

    Kevin lyttle a theif