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  1. SocaBandit

    Junior Gong ah sellout Black women

    if dais d man preference whats the problem
  2. SocaBandit

    Whats allyuh plans this weekend?

    is labor day weekend n like d place gon dead! whats allyuh weekend plans? BIG TING SMALL TING, I WHININ UP ON ALL TING, SHORT TING TALL TING I WHININ UP ON ALL TING dance1dance1dance1dance1dance1:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::yahoo::dance::dance:
  3. SocaBandit

    Let d powdah flow

    Machel Montano - Powder Puff - YouTube dance1dance1dance1dance1dance1dance1dance1dance1dance1
  4. SocaBandit

    Labor day Parade right around the corner...!!!

    ah goin jouvert n done dance1dance1dance1dance1dance1
  5. SocaBandit

    BRASS FEST 2012 , PANORAMA, DiManche Gras - Buy Tickets Here

    damn is that time of d year already
  6. SocaBandit

    Breaking News

    this remind me a
  7. SocaBandit

    vodka in my veins

    Ricky T ft Mr Vegas - Pressure Boom (Remix) - YouTube
  8. SocaBandit

    Why Do Some People Beleive In The Illuminati (It Doesn't Make Sense)

    Is plenty truth to d conspiracies, but some people does take it a lil too far
  9. SocaBandit


    where mud play does start canival :dance::dance::dance::dance::dance: monday n tuesday playin mas whole day look out fah plenty bacchanal :dance::dance::dance::dance::dance:
  10. SocaBandit

    D Weekend

    I only goin dey fuh jouvert vibes n sweet sweet pan dais it :dance::dance::dance:
  11. SocaBandit

    who gunna be be on the parkway for labour day ??

    Like yuh experience dat before or wah?
  12. SocaBandit

    Notting Hill Carnival Stabbing (PICS)

    i doh know, i find it strange they went blur d crook face out so
  13. SocaBandit

    D Weekend

    almost here boyyy!!!!!!!! :drag::drinks::drinks::diablo::diablo::diablo:
  14. SocaBandit

    Notting Hill Carnival Stabbing (PICS)

    These astonishing pictures show the moment a bystander tried to trip up a knife-wielding hooligan who fled the scene of a stabbing at the Notting Hill Carnival. Despite being laden with shopping bags, the brave man stuck his leg out into the path of a thug who was carrying a blood-stained...
  15. SocaBandit

    VP - Look at ah REAL Soca Star

    yuhhhhhhhhh seeeeeeeeeeeee meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  16. SocaBandit

    A question

    Why does everybody type with an "accent"? Dais how allyuh learn english in school or wah?? :duck
  17. SocaBandit

    How old do you look?

    i is 24 and look 16-18
  18. SocaBandit

    Big Ting, Small ting

    i whinin up on all ting short ting, tall ting :tekit:tekit:tekit:tekit
  19. SocaBandit

    Monday mornin lookin ah..

    jab comin, bad man in town im comin for you And we jammin, nuff fun we havin, drinks in we hand winin up on d sweetest soca in d whole on we island Come on because its canival so hands in d air like yuh juss don care Jump, wave, no time to waste hands in d air right now because its...
  20. SocaBandit

    Hurricane Earl & Labor Day Weekend

    Anyone know if it go rain out?