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  1. OilInDeCoil

    One Island Carnival Presentation "Avatar"...introducing "Eywa" WSE Section

    One Island Carnival Presentation "Avatar"...introducing "Eywa" WSE Section Hey guys...if your heading to Miami, check out our section Ewya in One Island Carnival's presentation "Avatar" space remaining. Check out our full gallery on Avatar  "Return To The Road"  Coming October 2010...
  2. OilInDeCoil

    Caged Canary or Spangled Cotinga Ladies

    please PM me if you still have your costume from Carnival...muy imporante! Frontline Costumes also needed.
  3. OilInDeCoil

    Time for SHOES!!!!

    Ok we have our sections....let the shoe games begin:dirol::clapping::fan_1:
  4. OilInDeCoil

    Did I just imagine

    a thread called Bad John Soca, it gone already?
  5. OilInDeCoil

    8 minutes

    til IP registration starts....Biatches better have dey money, forget seeing dead people....IP want to see dead presidents,
  6. OilInDeCoil

    So Fresh, So Clean Thank You's

    Sincerest Thanks to all from the Wide Shut Family!!!!! We couldn't have done it with out you guys, and we appreciate you all for braving the "Hot Dog" frenzy, and coming out to make our first fete a HUGE success....Sorry about the FOAM, allyuh who came early saw we DID have FOAM, however it...
  7. OilInDeCoil

    Darkers til Dawn

    NATURAL FREAKS UNLIMITED AND WIDE SHUT ENTERTAINMENT PRESENTS TO YOU… DARKERS TILL DAWN..THe Official After Party for "Darkers on the Water" FRIDAY, JUNE 16th 2K6 @ CLUB DV8 163 Myrtle Avenue (Off corner of Flatbush Ave.) FUN CITY BROOKLYN ADM. $10 With Boatride Stub, General ADM:$15 B4 1AM...
  8. OilInDeCoil

    Hawks International Labor Day Band

    launches July 8th...Stay posted, more info coming soon. :read: :read: :grin: :secret: There is a bandleader/designer among us :fans: :swoon:
  9. OilInDeCoil

    First Barbarossa

    now Poison....every body have their era oui. The word is Poison is offically OVER...Michael Headley has called it QUITS Now leh we see where everybody scampers off to in search of sections :read:
  10. OilInDeCoil

    Baje Int'l Costumes

    getting orn OUTTA HAND...LOVING what I saw...cyar wait to see the finished product....*Closes eyes and dreams of LionTamer*
  11. OilInDeCoil

    Thanks and Praise from the Wide Shut Family

    Just want to extend the WORLD of thanks to all of you guys for the extreme love and support...Allyuh are the BEST!!!! Bless Up to Uptown, Prinzez Diva, Desper, Graphicman, PebblesJT, Short Chic, Essie, Gee Dawg, Empress, Quest, Soca Junkie, Sparkle, ShellyBoo, Junior Gong, Daddy...
  12. OilInDeCoil


    Everyone have a Safe,Enjoyable, and Fun Filled Carnival ....All Thursday Travellers put up allyuh hands (Cause i swear it like it only me left in this joint)....
  13. OilInDeCoil

    Pride Frontline

    Pride Frontline Female Size 36C, Medium Panty, 34/35 waist band. $200 USD deposit, PM if interested.
  14. OilInDeCoil

    Rain Exodus

    I have the following costumes (RECEIPTS IN HAND) Rain frontline...4 of em, sizes are as follows 1) 34b, med bottom 2) 36c, med bottom 3) 36D Large bottom 4) 38C Large Bottom 1 Rain Backline....34b,Medium Bottom Rain Male XL Pride Male XXL Serious inquiries only...Thanks
  15. OilInDeCoil

    Attn Trini Based Imixers

    :help: Anyone have info on fete ticket prices for Republic Bank All Inclusive, GalFarm & Wet Fete? Please post info on prices for these fetes...Thanks a bunch :russian: :bydebar :good: dance1 :yahoo:
  16. OilInDeCoil

    Pride,Songbird,Sundance, Berries

    is only allyuh looking for shoes or wha? Nobody ent playing in Rain, Trees, Vines or any other sections looking for shoes....ah find everybody need a bligh in the shoe shopping ting...allyuh run allyuh suggestions :wizard: hello is only shoes and make up coulda get me to post so friggin much oui...
  17. OilInDeCoil


    Anyword yet on wha the bands and dem doing in terms of Monday wear? Tribe? IP? Poison? If no Monday wear is provided, what plans do allyuh have? Any folks wearing dey costume or parts of it on Monday? I more confused about dat than which friggin costume I playing :slow: :headbang :help:
  18. OilInDeCoil

    Anybody need

    Male Costumes... Got 1 for Angel Fish Male and 1 Pride Male PM me for sizing
  19. OilInDeCoil

    Pride Male Costume

    1 Pride Male costume for Sale, anyone interested PM me.
  20. OilInDeCoil

    Tribe and IPM People

    Just arrived in Trinidad today, before my luggage was even out the car..I hit up Tribe all I have to say is them costumes look SERIOUSLY SWEET in person, Angel Fish, Rainbow Wrass and Nylon Pool are rocking the house right now, followed by Parrot fish (which I only saw partially displayed) is...