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  1. nytrini

    Ip scores points

    I'm sorry, but this sorry email deserves no points from anyone that participated in the band!...IP knew that situation long before we went to collect our costumes. The horrible attitudes of the staff, the shitty costumes (chicken wire headpieces) and the all around shabby experience needs to be...
  2. nytrini

    do u have a *go* bag

    National Preparedness Month Every household should pack a Go Bag — a collection of items you may need in the event of an evacuation. A Go Bag should be packed in a sturdy, easy-to-carry container such as a backpack or suitcase on wheels. A Go Bag should be easily accessible if you have to...
  3. nytrini

    I almost got arrested this mornin...

    what I tell u about hopping the turnstyle!..PAY YUH FARE!!!!!
  4. nytrini


    bk -hug her and love her and kiss her and squeeze her....but not to tight eh!...and tell her auntie loves her much! STEUPS! -I cant have NO FUN!
  5. nytrini


    aaahhhh, thought u were in hotlanta....picks up bottle of haterade - got any windows down there? :dirol:
  6. nytrini


    *thinks about turkey burger with ketchup and cheese*
  7. nytrini


    not right now - depending on the flavor though I might - it can be quite Tangy...window?....:search: what u talkin bout Willis?? :dirol: *whistles away* bk - hiya baby is my pumkin doing today..I got the pics
  8. nytrini


    yeah- just takin a pass...dead wit laughter....nice to see u too....if IMIX gets this good again I may pass through more offen :dirol:
  9. nytrini


    the juice - on my keyboard - thanks....appreciate it!
  10. nytrini


    just here..chillin chillin kid! u loving hotlanta?
  11. nytrini


    hi there bubble...i have not laughed that hard in a long u...thank u very much... :dirol: hey miz lady -how are u?
  12. nytrini


  13. nytrini

    nytini & junkie

    *Junkie* - its true! Missy - uhhh, who are u lying too?...we all knew ur body would NEVER catch up to ur body...its a good thing u grew a little hair..made it easier on the I know u aint letting BIG B make u u look anything like her!
  14. nytrini

    nytini & junkie

    lol...i knew thats what it was...the before and after paci cant really talk about her big head now cause the rest of her body is catching up...u cant stick her on the dashboard anymore...she wont be any fun..she's getting so big wit her BU-TI-FUL self....
  15. nytrini

    Are u an India.Arie fan? not u junkie I know u are..

    hi desper..i'm good..... yes my ppl this cd is wonderful
  16. nytrini

    Are u an India.Arie fan? not u junkie I know u are..

    so i have like India...have a few of her albums...but never listened to them alot...Junkie gave me her new album India.Arie - Testimony: Vol. 1, Life & Relationship....this has got to be her best album ever...since I got it I have not turned it off..literally I fall asleep to is and wake up to...
  17. nytrini

    Paternity Test Spin Off

    why would u come on imix and blast yuh friend like dat? she really yuh friend?
  18. nytrini

    I'm in a dilemma...

    how about u just let the dumb hoes know that u have a ridiculously ghetto friend that they can come to for all the answers to their questions :dirol:
  19. nytrini

    Look WHATS coming 2 Brooklyn!!!!

    wow look at that...our very own Chelsea!... :dirol:
  20. nytrini

    Im deeply depressed today

    hi darlin...i cant do the imix thing too i only come on for special saying hey to Ess