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  1. Mad Madvibes

    Stryka ..

    ah need to link u asap deh nah .. email me .. or email yuh # or someting ...
  2. Mad Madvibes


    Live carnival Coverage on Madvibes Radio and Citysound FM ketch me LIVE on City Sound Every Saturday Morning .. 8AM .. De Carnival Fever......
  3. Mad Madvibes

    Re: New Chatroom

    Re: New Chatroom Well I think i have everyting tweaked out ... jus some new flags i hadda add .. so if u en see u flag in it .. doh worry nah...
  4. Mad Madvibes

    Yes Bushman .... we reach

    aye all u en hear bushman blazing it up .. check out de ting .. woie .. we reaaaaaaaaaach .. is soca till u belly bang ba lang.. 103.1 212 252 4729 to call eeen live ...
  5. Mad Madvibes

    crank up de plane engine deh

    is carnival time ... weh mi carnival possey deh .. pack all yuh grip .. leh we go ... leh mi see all who goin down nah...
  6. Mad Madvibes

    Good mawnin .. an happy new yeeeer

    wah goin on all u .. i jus passin tru to wish all yuh ah ting nah .. rel pressure for 2006
  7. Mad Madvibes

    Bashment Radio

    Bashment Radio Back Up.. 103.1FM Back in Operation.... Just Taking A Break... But hear wah nah ... We back in operation.. Look out for bigga an betta tings for 2006 an beyond.... ya ear mi....... bashment103radio on msn, aol and hotmail.. mista postman ... doh delete me message an dem ......
  8. Mad Madvibes

    good aftanoon

    how all yuh doin .. tgif ... :secrets
  9. Mad Madvibes

    Urgent - Stryka

    link me up asap por favor. e mail me your contact. tanx..
  10. Mad Madvibes

    check out

    heheehheh oie .. what ah pressure.... :drinks: Madvibes Radio
  11. Mad Madvibes

    Trouble does set up like rain nah .. so why deh edit mi signature

    ah have mi likkle image in mi signature an wah all yuh doh easy nah .. mi doh know wha kinda administra is all yuh nah .. but u nuh wah .. ah more love still .. mi nah worry ... mi jus ah watch an see wah gwan.. ah wonda which one ah dem do dat... :fool:
  12. Mad Madvibes

    sayin thanx

    lawd mi nuh mi have mi likkle ting posted in de events section an who ever from here came las nite .. i jus wah say thanks and more love still .. cause de ting was so nice .. i wayne was deh an .. my gosh .. ah more love u see..... :russian:
  13. Mad Madvibes

    Stryka ah lookin for yuh ..

    link me asap nah .. 718 233 2913 or we hah some unfinished biznizz to talk bout.. :shout:
  14. Mad Madvibes

    Attn Djs

    aye ah need some djs. . know e have ah lotta all yuh on here .. link me up if you interested in ah likkle ting we startin out .. 718 233 2913 or cool..
  15. Mad Madvibes

    I Say'n Good Mawnin

    wah goin on all yuh .. hope erryone had ah good week .. an lookin forward to ah good weeken.. mawnin agen.
  16. Mad Madvibes

    Good Aftanoon my fellow imix'rs

    wah goin on all yuh .... :O
  17. Mad Madvibes

    lang time i eh pass choo hare

    wah goin on all yuh .. jus sayin wahz up .. passin choo .. hope everybody doin good eh...
  18. Mad Madvibes

    Ah lookin for Stryka

    Aye bro .. link me up deh send me yuh tel contact .. i lost it.. asap.
  19. Mad Madvibes

    Reggae Carifest 2k4 .. NYC Pictures Posted..

    Check out de pics .. on .. Blessed...
  20. Mad Madvibes

    We Blazzzzzzzzzzing . Woie oie oie ......