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  1. goku

    Miami Imixers

    anything worth going to there dis weekend
  2. goku

    Baby got my back

    fellas, out of all your female many can u say will go down fighting with u if you were outnumbered....instead of standing there and bawling
  3. goku


    is everybody so crazy about Jumbie? I am not a machel hater...I will defend him as the King of Soca any day, but(to me) jumbie is not even in the top 5 of his songs and out of all the soca songs for 2k7 there are a couple that i believe were better than Jumbie
  4. goku

    To All The Girls I've Luved Before

  5. goku

    What I learned form 24

    never get between a Biatch and her money
  6. goku


    I went to dinner in Park Slope this weekend.....what happened to all the people of color?....where was the diversity of bklyn
  7. goku

    King Bakes

    :bowdown :bowdown :bowdown :bowdown :bowdown :bowdown we lowlifes are honored to call you king:grin:
  8. goku

    Miami people

    any good parties or clubs for soca/reggae I can check out this weekend
  9. goku

    Damn Haitians

    Beat The Soca Warriors Last Night 2-1 To Win The Digicel Carribbean Cup:(
  10. goku

    St Vincent & Guyana

    Alyuh goaann digicel semis soca warriors vs cuba guadelope vs haiti Sat @ Hasely Crawford stadium
  11. goku


    can you send me a list of the January B'days....I could never remember who is what day
  12. goku

    Need Help

    TRYING to remember the name of a show that use to show in th 80's....its is kind of like the thunderbirds...same premise...just more galactic.....the only thing I can remember is that they had a car that could change colours
  13. goku

    After 4 years

    I finally reach 1000 post.....and I use it on a post about nuttin:superman:
  14. goku

    Where are the rallies for black on black crimes

    It is beginning to seem(at least to me) that shootings are becoming like the N word.....A big deal is only made of it when someone other than one of us does it....would there have been rallies if 50 shots were fired by another black or hispanic man....would there have been all the news coverage...
  15. goku

    Dc Imixers

    Ah jus need a little help.....I have some relatives coming from trini next week and they will be spending a next week in dc....I will be staying out there with them and was wondering...if there are any interesting sites or places to visit, during the week, in the Dc/virginia/maryland...
  16. goku

    Is a good thing.......

    ah could care less about online life cause to me it real f#*king funny how a guy could be minding he own business....when he get a call from a friend to log on to imix and see he name in a set of post, dealing with shit dat he doh subscribe to, by a set of f#*king people who doh know him
  17. goku

    Little Wonder

    where is Marsicans band launching and what other bands will be there
  18. goku

    Ms FnTsy

    the way you walk the way you talk when you look at me girl :cool:
  19. goku

    people going DC

    whta time alyuh hitting de road
  20. goku

    Something about Mary

    is still one funny ass movie :grin: