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  1. Angie Fyah

    Where can I get a good

    I haven't been on here in awhile, and haven't had a bake and saltfish in while either. where can i get it in Manhattan????
  2. Angie Fyah

    Mobile phone tracking

    Just got this in an email..but not sure if it works..cuz i'm not allowed to go on the website:scratch This is unbelievable. You can track anyone via their cell phone by using the "satellite positioning system." Just type in the phone number with the area code and click "start search." Check...
  3. Angie Fyah

    Men, do you fight ur feelings to say I love you...

    to a women you have been seeing for awhile and start to feel love for them.....??? Do you generally wait for the woman to say it first??? Does it make you feel un-macho to say those 3 words?
  4. Angie Fyah

    4 Jamaicans

    Four Jamaicans were sitting around a campfire near > the beach. > They were all "philosophising" on what was the > fastest thing in the world. > > Seymour said, "I tink de fassess ting in the world > is a "thought", because before you can tink of it, > it already thought." > > Mildred...
  5. Angie Fyah

    Dark Chocolate Lovers.....

    M & M's Dark Chocolate Candy is BOSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Angie Fyah

    Whats your class???

    I really wanna get into the UPPER MIDDLE...LMAO...:scratch What's middle class, anyway? "Middle class" is a squishy concept if ever there was one. If we define it solely by income, then according to the U.S. Census Bureau, a household income of $36,000 to $57,657 in 2005 landed you squarely...
  7. Angie Fyah

    PJK...get Darfur Diaries

    I am reading it now....It tells first hand accounts of what is going on.... From the Publisher In February, 2003, the Sudanese Liberation Army in Darfur (the western region of Sudan) after years of oppression took up arms against the Sudanese government. The government and allied militias...
  8. Angie Fyah

    Oh gosh..I lucky noone in de office

    i juss burp so loud..LMAO...:O :O
  9. Angie Fyah

    Have you bought (RED) products? Measu(RED) Many thanks to you for purchasing (RED) products: In May, $1.25 million of the first (RED) money received by the Global Fund flowed to Rwanda. This has gone towards the Rwandan Ministry of Health's comprehensive HIV/AIDS programs, mainly to provide...
  10. Angie Fyah

    6.1 Magnitude Earthquake from BBC News

    Quake hits Venezuela and Trinidad A strong earthquake measuring 6.1 magnitude has shaken parts of Venezuela and the nearby island of Trinidad. No damage or injuries were immediately reported in the affected areas. The quake struck at 0908 (1308 GMT) north of Trinidad, the US Geological...
  11. Angie Fyah

    All Londoners...and whoever else wants a good

    laugh...If your at work...i suggest waiting til you get home as there is some dirty language on there. Its a song about their underground system..Hilarious!
  12. Angie Fyah

    Would you be offended if a white girl...

    Wore a shirt to work that said... I Love Black men....???? Or if it was a white guy that had a t-shirt that said i love black women... Just want some feedback. My friend told me his co-worker wore one the otherday and he felt it was inappropriate and she should have been sent home..he wasn't...
  13. Angie Fyah

    Just saw Lucy Liu at my job..

    We have celebs here all the time.. She's so pretty in first i didn't recognize her because she cut her hair in a crop and permed it curly...!! Tiny i think she's got to be nothing but 5foot..In the movies she looks taller.
  14. Angie Fyah

    Ne1 Get Their Tonsils Taken Out As

    AN ADULT???? I'm getting mine out this monday coming there anything to be scared about..I'm getting really nervous. :(
  15. Angie Fyah


    UHMM....HOW COME YOU STILL HAVEN'T GIVEN ME UR NEW EMAIL ADDRESS??? I miss our convos..>Can you get emails at work?
  16. Angie Fyah

    Would you date your next door neighbor???

    I mean literally right next door. :read:
  17. Angie Fyah

    Why the Italians won the World Cup...!!

  18. Angie Fyah

    When a Loved One Dies...and their

    Birthdays approach...Do you get sad??? Even if you didn't have the greatest relationship with them..does it still get to you? Today would have been my Mothers 54th Birthday....and we didn't have the closest relationship..she died when I was 11 ..but no matter what..I always think about...
  19. Angie Fyah

    Double sided clothing tape....

    The bomb...Holds the tape perfectly in hide the boobage....!!! Bought it for 6.99 at Ricky's NYC...!!
  20. Angie Fyah

    They Lost :(

    TEARS.... :( :sorry: