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  1. Bizzie Chic

    Fire Fete 2012 live performance videos

    In case you missed the live feed.... Bunji & FayAnn Asylum at Fire Fete.mp4 - YouTube Iwer IWER at Fire Fete.mp4 - YouTube Kes/Shal/TC KES at Fire Fete.mp4 - YouTube
  2. Bizzie Chic

    Nice tune - We Doh Care

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  3. Bizzie Chic

    Chutney Soca Monarch 2k11

    Let the texting begin!! :smile3:
  4. Bizzie Chic

    Prestan - Better Than Yours

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  5. Bizzie Chic

    Lets start it...roll call for TnT 2k11

    Soca in our veins.....soca in our blood....we ready for Carnival since 12:01 am Ash Wednesday. Most of the major mas bands have launched and downpayments or full payments were made. Let the fun begin dance1 :drinks: Y.U.M.A - Zodeak Aquarius Frontline
  6. Bizzie Chic

    Kevin Lyttle @ Revolution Live (Machel)

    :rofl::rofl: **dead** Mr. KL himself came through general admission...nobody paying him no mind. Machel bigging up the artistes in the place and he invited KL to come on stage and sing his one and only Turn Me On. DJ started played Turn Me On, Machel told the crowd to welcome KL, the man fraid...
  7. Bizzie Chic

    Army Fete--Live Stream

    This Friday 02.05.10 on UltimaxTV - just a CLICK away Check it out....coverage from WASA fete is on this site also
  8. Bizzie Chic

    Come names?

    Cops hold soca star in failed Central robbery Carolyn Kissoon South Bureau Thursday, January 21st 2010 A popular dancehall/ soca artiste was among three men arrested yesterday, following an attempted robbery in Central Trinidad. Police said the men attempted to enter KC...
  9. Bizzie Chic

    Make comfort your style for Carnival

    :kicks I love it!! (news article) Make comfort your style for Carnival | The Trinidad Guardian
  10. Bizzie Chic

    Baby Xaiya (Destra's little one)

    Birthday - 01/14/10 (picture taken from her FB page :D)
  11. Bizzie Chic

    Girl Power - Attitude (02/12) now @ Mobs 2 Chaguaramas :ohgosh (according to their FB event page)
  12. Bizzie Chic

    B-Square Carnival concert series

    :scratch If this concert series is really cancelled...that's sad. What a shame!! Trinidad and Tobago's Newsday : :
  13. Bizzie Chic

    Take Ah - Prestan

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  14. Bizzie Chic

    Beyonce to perform in Trinidad

    Thursday February 18th 2010!! :good: Beyoncé South America Bound | Pollstar - The Concert Hotwire South American Dates Announced For Beyonce's 'I AM...' World Tour
  15. Bizzie Chic

    Expectant with child and joy...Destra's article

    In Woman-magazine Expectant with child and joy | The Trinidad Guardian
  16. Bizzie Chic

    Funny video clip - Trini Vendor Rivalry

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  17. Bizzie Chic

    Shurwayne Winchester & YOU...LIVE TONIGHT

    Shurwayne Winchester & Y.O.U @ Woodford Cafe' on Tuesday 27th October, 2009. Shurwayne & Y.O.U celebrates their 1 year anniversary,with a performance to thank all for the love shown. Check it out on Welcome to from 9:00 pm (click on now showing music videos - SW TV)...
  18. Bizzie Chic

    OFFICIAL website links for artist's

    Patrice Roberts Patrice Roberts - Alison Hinds Alison Hinds Destra Destra Garcia Shurwayne Winchester & Y.O.U Welcome to Welcome to Farmer Nappy Farmer Nappy - Machel Montano HD Machel...
  19. Bizzie Chic

    Zoelah Unleashed

    Nice article :good: Trinidad News, Trinidad Newspaper, Trinidad Sports, Trinidad politics, Trinidad and Tobago, Tobago News, Trinidad classifieds, Trinidad TV, Sports, Business
  20. Bizzie Chic

    MJ is 51 yrs today!!

    :drinks: Happy Birthday King...