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  1. MrsFlex


    is "check me" by delia 2005? i'm having a 2005 cd specially made for me and i luv that song. just wondering. thanx
  2. MrsFlex


  3. MrsFlex


    is having problems logging in....she has sent various emails with no response...pls advise she is driving me crazy ;)
  4. MrsFlex


    hi hun. do u still have those job websites readily available? please let me know.
  5. MrsFlex

    since i don't fly much either........

    does anyone know how long it will take me to drive to california? (seriously)
  6. MrsFlex

    anybody watching maury?

    i wanna know if you all can tell if these r men or women. :confused
  7. MrsFlex

    can someone please give me some.......

    websites for jobs? i know there was a post b4, but i can't find the thread. please help. tanx. ;)
  8. MrsFlex

    so after four yrs of natural hair,.......

    i'm having the urge to perm it. i don't know what to do. i have no patience for locking it and it's becoming a xtra job just to keep it up. some1 pls try to talk me out of it.
  9. MrsFlex

    what the fack does pbs mean?

    some 1 pls xplain. tanx:)
  10. MrsFlex


    so my daughter wants to know.......... daughter: mommy, why is the old lady putting her foot in the air? is it stuck up there? is anybody gonna help her get it down? bwwwwaaaahhhhhhaaaaaa just thought i would share that with u. yah don't miss shite. they see every facking...
  11. MrsFlex

    so my arms are the same size as......

    my legs. any ideas on how i can loose weight only in my arms? is that possible?:confused big arms run in my fam., but i'm sure there's a way.:) pls help.:(
  12. MrsFlex

    is pthova (bob) here?

    or anyone in the medical field. i need help. what is the definition of subcutaneous?
  13. MrsFlex

    something to think about.......

    while on my way home yesterday, i came across two ppl at two different times who were blind. they were both young men about 25-30yrs of age. one had a dog on the train, the other was trying to cross the street with his stick. it dawned on me how most of us take life for granted. we really don't...
  14. MrsFlex

    congrats to sexytrini9

    she had a baby girl this morning at 12:38am 6lbs 6ozs 20inches nyah-nicole about 12hrs labor natural delivery CONGRATS SEXYTRINI9 WELCOME TO MAMA'S WORLD! :fairy :fairy I will do this for you.:bydebar and this dance1 while you do this:headbang and this:cuss congrats!:D
  15. MrsFlex


    the child stays home! that's my final answer. :)
  16. MrsFlex

    so i'm thinking about......

    flying to miami this year for carnival. this will be my first flight since 2000. i am, and have always been terrified of planes, but greyhound took too long last year and amtrak the same. any suggestions on what i can take to be knocked out on the plane? this is not a joke. i really need some...
  17. MrsFlex


    ques. if i start dreds, and i don't like them, let's say after a month, is there a way i can comb them out without damaging my hair?
  18. MrsFlex

    all who ordered girl scout......

    cookies, i got them. would u all like me to bring them 2 nite? if so, u have to come outside to the car to get them. or i can wait for another day. let me know asap. tanx:D
  19. MrsFlex

    i have.......

    a pimple on my forehead, how do i get rid of it b 4 socalypso tomorrow? is there anything i can use to cover it up? or should i tie my head?:O tanx in advance.:)
  20. MrsFlex

    seven jeans

    does anyone know who is the designer for them. is it a black designer. just want to know. :)