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  1. arimagal72

    How old were you when

    It was memorable cause it was painful.
  2. arimagal72

    De Official Mid-year Picture Thread

    Yuh still sexy ah hell:angel:
  3. arimagal72

    LADIES: battle between the rich and poor man

    best solution married de second one keep de first one on de side lol :tease: best ah both worlds.
  4. arimagal72

    The Men Of Imix...

    oh goosh allyuh kill me wid dis thread..........:tease:
  5. arimagal72

    If You Found Out....

    yuh leave out de lix fuh good measure she getting ah job to pay tuh fix de whole car. Cook n clean fuh de rest ah de year so she eh go have no time tuh go froopsing :diablo:
  6. arimagal72

    Bra Unfastening

    lawd allyuh go make me director kick meh out he office fuh laughing so hard...........:kicks
  7. arimagal72

    Trip Destinations Anybody???

    B'more harbour is nice, atlantic city fuh de shows and the casino's, bahamas is always a good bet.
  8. arimagal72

    Wha Allyuh Doing Dis Weekend??

    Getting hair done tonight, then heading to NY lime wid meh ppl's, cookout tomorrow wid de family in bklyn, church saturday night & sunday morning back on de road home sleep all day monday back to work tuesday :)
  9. arimagal72


    Wah happen yuh need ah rub down or ah rub up lol:tease:
  10. arimagal72

    Liming With De Boss' Kids

    Hopefully they not bebe kids! but yes, we actually have family day and we all bring our kids to work......... all 6000+ employees. Needless to say no work gets done that day :)
  11. arimagal72

    Open up...I'm tough sometimes but for my friends I'm a teddy bear

    This is so true, I went a friend funeral a few weeks ago his father was there, when he got up to talk, he said that day was the first time in 20yrs he had seen his son. My friend died of a heart attack at 36. DON'T WAIT!
  12. arimagal72

    Bolivia's African King

    This was a revelation for me, thank you for the insight.
  13. arimagal72

    dont lie to me please

    :help: please send the men in de white coats please...:secret:
  14. arimagal72

    "Lotay La" remake/cover !?!

    Ah could take the music buh wid out de hip hop/dancehall R&B they try tuh put in deh..................... ah hope he getting credit fuh true.
  15. arimagal72

    When you from a Big Island ...

    Trinidad has been a republic for 32yrs and an independent nation for 46yrs.:bydebar
  16. arimagal72

    Police officer rape a 14 yr old boy.

    My god....... even the police doing this to children. No one is safe no where anymore. God help us all.
  17. arimagal72

    Trini Patois

    My mother and her sister would speak it but they never taught us because they did not want us to know what they were saying, now they don't speak it anymore, nor can they teach it to any one else cause they have lost the ability to speak it from years of not using the language. I wish they had...
  18. arimagal72

    to whom it may concern