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  1. SexyBajanGyal

    Broward Carnival - Where now?

  2. SexyBajanGyal

    Allyuh like dis dress?

    dont like the colors
  3. SexyBajanGyal

    Happy Birthday Buss Up Shot

    hey mama, jus wanted to wish u happy bday again...... and we got on real bad at the (as usual) :drinks: Big up all TAURUS'S.....THE
  4. SexyBajanGyal

    What movie have you saw the most times???

    Ghost....i could watch that movie over and over and over non-stop......Love it and The Little animated movie EVER!!! (IMO)
  5. SexyBajanGyal

    Question For My Fellow Sprint Members

    lol....u r somethin else yes! lmao
  6. SexyBajanGyal

    Foods not to order on first date/ or what not to do

    Don't text ur friend about how the date is goin....throughout the WHOLE date lol.......especially when ur eating at the table..its tacky
  7. SexyBajanGyal

    PUUSYYcat Dolls...yank

    yes she definetly deserves it..... they all do, but im sure melissa and chelsea are getting hundreds of calls from others who want them .. so they will be fine
  8. SexyBajanGyal

    Rosie leaving the view

    good riddance
  9. SexyBajanGyal

    Happy Birthday Daddy Magyver

    :drinks: :drinks: HAPPYYYYY BIRTHDAYYYY!!! :drinks: :drinks:
  10. SexyBajanGyal

    Ahhhhhh Accessories:

    these r hot.... i would definetly rock that!
  11. SexyBajanGyal

    Ok so .... :)

    DITTO!!.....:meowth: :meowth: congratsssssssssss :drinks:
  12. SexyBajanGyal

    Happy Birthday sk_gyal

    Happy Birthday!!!!!! :bday :bday
  13. SexyBajanGyal

    Top Model People!!

  14. SexyBajanGyal

    Top Model People!!

    damn this season sucks......... where is all the drama??
  15. SexyBajanGyal

    Top Model People!!

    yeah they r kinda bland
  16. SexyBajanGyal

    Top Model People!!

    im backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!! jus for this show
  17. SexyBajanGyal

    Happy Birthday Hottgirl11226

    Happy B-DAY!!!!!!!!!
  18. SexyBajanGyal

    Happy Birthday Short Thing!!!!

    Happy Belated! :drinks: :bday :bday
  19. SexyBajanGyal

    So I watched a Super Skate Board Sweet Sixteen on MTV:

    i think its cute and could definitely catch on.... much better than the typical "hip-hop" style
  20. SexyBajanGyal

    Happy Birthday Trini2Bk

    Happy Birthday Babes!!!! we go link up this weekend.....and have a time!!!!! TTYL!! :drinks: :drinks: :bday :bday