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  1. Bizzie Chic

    Is Paradise Riddim still your favorite riddim for Carnival 2013?

    Nope never's the Antilles on crack! So far its: Project 5 Riddim Soca Future Riddim Island Mas Riddim Swing Riddim (JW & Blaze and Prestan)
  2. Bizzie Chic

    * new video - problem child - life of the party / love me carnival *

    Two GREAT/STRONG songs - video could have been better Like Swaggerific said, too much is happening in the Life of The Party scenes. SN: Funny to see footage for Patrice part in Love Me Carnival was used from Juk Gone Wild fete which happened in Canada THIS PAST WEEKEND :kicks Props to...
  3. Bizzie Chic

    Scents that you like

    Markers/Highlighters Freshly baked bread B&B Coconut Lime, Freesia Clothes from the dryer Fresh Linen plugins/air freshener BF dreads (yes, it is always neat and clean) Cocoa Butter Fragrances (tooooo many to mention) for now its: Men - (YSL) L'Homme, (Polo) Blue Sport and (Chanel) Bleu...
  4. Bizzie Chic

    The Best Carnival or Fete you ever attended was ?

    Best Carnival Experience thus far: Trinidad 2009 Best Carnival Fetes <too much to mention> but what stands out are: Girl Power 2005 Salybia All Inclusive 2006 LIME 2011 and 2012 Machel Monday 2012 Totally agree with Socapineman Coconut Grove Convention Center on Carnival Saturday is/was the...
  5. Bizzie Chic

    new video: RAYZOR RQB - SPONSOR MEH {2012}

    The song is Tun Ova by Leonce - she is the other lead vocalist for RQB (Request Band).
  6. Bizzie Chic

    Trinidad Carnival 2013

    TRIBE, HARTS and others.... TRIBE - Butterflies, Beasts, Bacchanal HARTS - Je T'aime Fantasy - SAVAGE Ronnie and Caro - Casscadura SanCheewah - Fly SPICE - Let's Dance
  7. Bizzie Chic

    Fire Fete 2012 live performance videos

    In case you missed the live feed.... Bunji & FayAnn Asylum at Fire Fete.mp4 - YouTube Iwer IWER at Fire Fete.mp4 - YouTube Kes/Shal/TC KES at Fire Fete.mp4 - YouTube
  8. Bizzie Chic

    Best Lines Outta T&T for 2012 Soca

    Think Machel have the upper hand here.. Endorsed Endorsed Kes - Stress Away "Rasta girl bring de jam leh we grind it, then...join it up"
  9. Bizzie Chic

    K. Rich - Nothing Less - Music Video

    Is it me or is his singing not in sync with the video??? Love the song Video...ehh
  10. Bizzie Chic

    Red Bull Riddim - Bunji, Tian Winters, Patrice, Swappi, Destra, Orlando,& Nebula

    +1 Destra and Orlando Octave/Kerry John conquer this riddim
  11. Bizzie Chic

    Wining Addiction (2012) - Shurwayne Winchester

  12. Bizzie Chic

    Smell Goods.. (Perfume\Cologne)

    Bossssssss fragrance...I heart this!!
  13. Bizzie Chic

    Smell Goods.. (Perfume\Cologne)

    More smell goods ;-)
  14. Bizzie Chic

    Kerwin Du Bois l Bacchanalist l Official Video

    He might be the next one to 'fly' his dreds :kicks Yup, was thinking pretty much the same thing Song = :victory: :dance: Video = :nea:
  15. Bizzie Chic

    Nice tune - We Doh Care

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  16. Bizzie Chic

    Ricardo Drue Frontlining Roy Cape Allstars

    Heard he was not performing to RC's releases etc. Same here...#nocomment LoL, yes again #nocomment
  17. Bizzie Chic

    Ricardo Drue Frontlining Roy Cape Allstars

    Olatunji - NO (was dropped by the band in the summer) Blaxx & Rita - YES
  18. Bizzie Chic

    New Bunji Garlin - Bless U

    Nice message and lyrics... SN: It was funny to read on Twitter how he "spreading the word" Bless You will be officially released on Nov 25 to look out for it. Then all of a sudden, I guess he got word that Mr. HD releasing Mr. Fete @ midnight for his born day....all of a sudden you see Bless...
  19. Bizzie Chic

    Wow...Maroon 5 In TNT

    Rick Ross will be there December 3 and Evanescence on December 17