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  1. MrsFlex

    Happy Birthday Dark & Lovely

    Happy Birthday Sweetie! hope you have many many many many more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:pig_ball::bday:bday
  2. MrsFlex

    Happy Birthday MrsFlex

    Thank you to those who still remember me. time to go back into hiding. Love ya!
  3. MrsFlex

    Imix Plz Pray 4 My Mom

    Thank You so much sweetie............ It's nice to see you too. We'll talk
  4. MrsFlex

    Imix Plz Pray 4 My Mom

    Come on Moms....We need you to make it. Who's gonna cook for your grandaughter's party? Not DarknLovely............ We are all praying for you. Nicky stay strong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. MrsFlex

    Happy Birthday BAGOGYUL

    happy b-day...hope u have many more.
  6. MrsFlex

    Drink of Choice...

    it's never too early....long island iced tea :bydebar :bydebar :bydebar
  7. MrsFlex

    I can't ever stop luvin soca

    i'm gonna hold u to that. btw do u know when the next one is?
  8. MrsFlex

    I can't ever stop luvin soca

    how u know? lol
  9. MrsFlex

    I can't ever stop luvin soca

    i guess it'll be the next one. *sighs*
  10. MrsFlex

    I can't ever stop luvin soca

    i missed it was good huh?
  11. MrsFlex

    Happy Earthstrong islandcocoa

    happy bday sweetie. many more!
  12. MrsFlex

    Tomorrow is a year since her death!

    cherish that pic forever........condolences still.
  13. MrsFlex

    Happy Birthday XtasyReds...

    happy birthday......
  14. MrsFlex

    Happy Birthday VI Peaches

    happy birthday......
  15. MrsFlex

    Happy Birthday HornaMan4hire...

    happy birthday.
  16. MrsFlex

    Happy Birthday XBabyRupeEX..

    happy birthday....
  17. MrsFlex

    European women vs American women

    dragon, u's a real a$$.
  18. MrsFlex

    Rubber Boots....ohhh Yeah

    i like these in the pic. but some are just ugly.
  19. MrsFlex

    Happy Birthday I Like It 2 Bad!!!

    happy belated birthday.....
  20. MrsFlex

    Happy B'day Triple D

    happy belated birthday hun. sorry i'm late.