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    A man Apart

    Did anyone see 'A Man Apart' starring Vin Diesel and Lorenz Tate? I really, really enjoyed that movie .... I think I even almost shed a tear. If anyone is interested in Action and a Love story I would highly recommend this one. I think that this is one of the best movies I have seen all year...
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    Love, Lust, Emotionally attached.........

    Ok--- is it possible to be in love with 2 people at the same time? Say for instance you are single but you are just dating people and you are emotionally attached to both people, and you love certaion things about each person. How can we define this attachment? Is it Love? Lust? Confusion? Or...
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    Poor Rabbit

    One of out Dearest Imixers (Nytrini) after befriending a Rabbit she named fuzzy and bonding with that rabbit --later had that rabbit for dinner and had the nerves to ask for seconds-------Why she so! Just Stay away from my Rabbit :)
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    Which Soca song describes U?

    I hear jammin to 103.1 and I was wondering which Soca song would u Imixers say describe u? and why? Ah thinking about one right now I'll be back!
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    Wha Soca Song Describes U ?

    I hear Jammin to 103.1 --and I was wondering which soca song would u Imixers say describes u --Ah thinking about one right now --I'll be back --
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    NYtrini I want some coconut bake!

    Where u want me to meet u to collect me bakes --cause I still waiting for some!
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    Following through with yuh summer plans!

    Now that the summer is coming to an end, I know a lot of allyuh had made summer plans to travel and try new things and so on ... .How many of you actually went through with yuh plans?.... What were they? DId u have a blast? Any regrets? My friend and I had planned to Trinbago for a month --...
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    Big & Strong Ticket Giveaway

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    RE: announcing dr. san fran
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    RE: announcing dr. san fran
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    Official Start of the summer

    Hey Everybody today is the official start of the summer, since today is the first day of summer and also my birthday :)-- Am I desperate for a HAPPY BIRTHDAY---no, but I wouldn't mind receiving some love from the Imix family! Happy b'day to me----:) :) :) let me stop with my crazy self
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    Yo Shortie!

    Ok here this now -- Sometimes when I am walking down the street going about mi business ah does hear dem unmannerly boys bawl out big battie girl, shortie, chocolate and so on.... I does often wonder what there problem is and if the shoe was on the other foot, how would men feel if women was to...
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    Growing up in the Caribbean

    Sometimes when I sit down I does reminisce real hard about growing up in the caribbean, and all the fun I used to have..... Like some days when I pick mangoes or cherries and I used to make me chow or even days when I used to play pitching(w/marbles).. I used to be a real tomboy :) :) , but it...
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    School Dayz

    For those that went to school in the caribbean Allyuh remember back when allyuh was in school and how sometimes them teachers used to be wicked when the beat u for stupidness? I remember one time when I was in secondary school and the teacher was talkin and I was talkin at the same time, when...
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    Yuh plans for this summer!

    With the summer approaching I was wonderin if any of my fellow Imixers had any plans for the summer -- travel, yuh family visiting u etc. Well I going home (Trinbago)so I don't even want to eat a mango until I get there!
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    Are u a poet and u know it!

    I was just wonderin if any of the island mixers had any poems that they can share? I wrote a little something so I can set it off....... Love Emotions spilling out of me Feelings that are hard to comprehend Is it Love ? Is it Lust ? Is it...