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    Tobago Imix'rs

    Don't forget plymouth for heritage because you will have lots of fun for Jouvert and Carnival......Also Great Fete is a lot of fun especially the free drinks night where yuh pay the price to go in and drink as much as u want for the night ---have fun-----I was doing fine all summer now yuh make...
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    On behalf of SoKalypso we say: Thank you!

    Thumbs Up I really enjoyed myself---and I was happy hear some of them soca tunes I haven't heard in a while :) .... and I was real tired after partying so hard that I almost slept out the day on Sunday.
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    Day #4

    Special List I am postjacking a little bit Just wanted to let u know NYtrini that u r at the top of that special list ---- now carry on and enjoy those noodles
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    Happy Birthday Blackie

    Happy Birthday Bago boy, and many more !!!!!! So enjoy your day!
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    To Trinibaje...

    My condolences to you and your family
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    A man Apart

    Did anyone see 'A Man Apart' starring Vin Diesel and Lorenz Tate? I really, really enjoyed that movie .... I think I even almost shed a tear. If anyone is interested in Action and a Love story I would highly recommend this one. I think that this is one of the best movies I have seen all year...
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    Hey guys what's in your cd rotation today

    Chocolate Factory Jaheim Soca 2003
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    did you hear what happened with Iwer, Machel,Destra and Bunji

    ha ha ha --if u see me nosey behiond trying to find out what happened--that was a good one!
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    Last Night: De Ark, De Best!!!!

    Empressedu, nice to meet u gyal----U r my kind of people we can hang anytime! I also want to give a shout out to dredgal --u were really cool too! Shout out to Soca Junkie, Trinicowboy, Stranger (and u fire one up your!--u know the rest) Big up mr. Whine and Percy ---and my home gyals for life...
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    They need to step up

    Bunjigarlindarlin, I read about it in the Trinidad Express and I was in shock! I couldn't believe what I was reading and a friend of mine was telling me that her mother's friend. I was wondering how come the police did not get involved in the situation before it came to that? How come he...
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    So has the majority really left for t-n-t? can i get a rollcall?

    Last night I was in Tobago Nah, too bad that was only in my dreams. But I am here, and I ain't going nowhere :( ..Maybe some other time!
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    R.I.P. Daddy

    My deepest condolences goes out to u and your family, in your time of grief
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    Things to make you go hummm!!! Just in case your eva on Jepordy..

    Yeah Yeah! I tried to lick my elbow too :)--lol
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    All The "intelligent" People.....

    ha ha ha not funny :p --lol
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    I am kind of claustrophobic---so I am afraid of getting stuck in an elevator---- I take one everyday---atleast twice a day--but I always cross my fingers
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    SCRIPTURE Acts 2:38

    that was funny:p
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    trini sweet yes

    lol-----atleast yuh see them police don't make joke:D
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    Love, Lust, Emotionally attached.........

    Mr. Man I was talking from the perspective of the person being single,and the people whom they are dating are aware that they are not the only one........ So as much as you want to use the emotional attached excuse u need to find another one :)
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    Changing accents

    Same here--Accent w/ friends and family --and when I am out it is different because I talk fast w/ my accent and most of the times I am too tired to repeat what I just said ---------
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    Love, Lust, Emotionally attached.........

    Ok--- is it possible to be in love with 2 people at the same time? Say for instance you are single but you are just dating people and you are emotionally attached to both people, and you love certaion things about each person. How can we define this attachment? Is it Love? Lust? Confusion? Or...