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  1. Garrison

    History of calypso - the hard facts!!

    Years I ain’t come here eh. I decided to Runin on this one. There was several Jamaican popular genres be before reggae so in no way was reggae developed from calypso.
  2. Garrison


    Old foot, I looking for some Soca STEMs to do some remix. I was in a group but they kick me out because I said Killa for SM.
  3. Garrison

    Best Story out Of Trinidad.....Run Wid It" Dance Move Taking Over Trinidad By Storm

    Is it safe to say Grenada pay the electric bill and turn power back on in TNT. 😂😂😂😂😂😂
  4. Garrison

    New Machel Montano - Dr Mashup. Is Machel vs Iwer for carnival 2K19?

    That tune sound like cloud 5 tune!!! Iwer win round 1 Michelle ah mean machel win round 2
  5. Garrison

    RIP Mighty Shadow!

    Let me expand on my statement, is Shadow and Art that create Soca!
  6. Garrison

    "name one country run by a black person that’s not a shithole.”

    The tri-island state of Grenada, kayak and nice down they!
  7. Garrison

    RIP Mighty Shadow!

    We lost the creator of Soca music!
  8. Garrison

    Jamaica Carnival Scene 2018- Tun Up!

    I in dat next year! WATCH BEST TING!!!
  9. Garrison


    Swallow them fellas comparing backchat to your wood!
  10. Garrison

    The Man Who Was Dragged Of United Airlines Flight. Whats Yall Thoughts?

    The media giving United a good piece of licks but then stocks ain't dropping at all...
  11. Garrison

    Is this what IMIX turn into...

    Yo Lion the buss head Mix Mad!
  12. Garrison

    Brooklyn, New York all that Still Holding it Down in The Greatest City

    Brooklyn is losing it Identity...5 more years and it gone!!!
  13. Garrison

    ICE Immigration Agent s In Da Hood .........

    Not one video out as usual!
  14. Garrison

    Hmm looks like not only Muslims having problems.

    Security just tight for once. Yuh ever going a party a couple mam can't get in because the fit the profile of somebody who go buss couple head. SAME THING!!
  15. Garrison

    Phil Jackson's using Posse referring to Lebron James and his Business Associates

    Start a Facebook group. Call it Post-Imix.
  16. Garrison

    Donald J Trump is now the 45th President of the U.S.A. ......Now what ?

    Trump running for president is not the real Trump. I think he started playing this little game and see that he was good at it then he just keep on going with it right into the White House. He is a democrat in red clothes!
  17. Garrison

    so...what did I miss?

    The man wish he did dat to yuh mudda so she could sh!t you out...
  18. Garrison

    so...what did I miss?

    That fuker doh know he Fadda!