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    Imani "Me" Crop Over 2013

    Nice tune by a fairly new artist... New Imani | ME [2013 Barbados Crop Over][Produced By De Red Boyz] - YouTube
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    Who Going Rihanna Concert?

    It's tomorrow so if yah aint hey yet get a plane ticket and come nah....!/event.php?eid=173356856060395
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    Crop Over - Party Monarch results

    Sweet Soca 1 RPB – Once Upon a Whine 2 Biggie Irie – Can’t Be Over 3 Edwin – Good Time 4 Mikey - Jammin 5 Blood – Insane (Clapping) 6 TC feat Peter Ram – Coming Down 7 TC - That’s What I Wanna Do 8 AC - Aint Saying Nuttin 9 Mike Thompson – Coming Soon Party Monarch 1 Mikey – Pavement...
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    TC feat Peter Ram - Coming Down

    TC coming hard to defend she crown boy....I like this song too, I not too sure if Ram was needed on this track but anyway YouTube - ‪New TC Feat. Peter Ram :COMING DOWN [2011 Barbados Crop Over]‬‏
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    Alison Hinds - Roll It

    This tune sweet... love it YouTube - ‪New Alison Hinds: HOLD ON [2011 Barbados Crop Over][Bumpa Riddim, Starway Productions]‬‏
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    Hypasounds - Roll It

    I'm loving this tune YouTube - ‪New Hypasounds: ROLL IT (ROLL YUH BUMPA) [2011 Barbados Crop Over][PROD. BY SOCA CHILD]‬‏
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    TC - Come Down

    I like this tune...wanna tink she can win de Sweet Soca competition a 3rd time....:brunette: YouTube - ‪New TC Feat. Peter Ram :COMING DOWN [2011 Barbados Crop Over]‬‏
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    Blood - De Experience (Baddy)

    I aint go lie...dis song starting to grow on me....and the music video show yesterday pun CBC and its pretty decent too...makes you want to jump around lol [YouTube - ‪*MUSIC VIDEO* BLOOD :DE EXPERIENCE (BADDY) [OFFICIAL 2011 MUSIC VIDEO, DIR. BY SELWYNE BROWNE]‬‏
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    Tek de Dun and Gah Long - Madd Madd Ft Eric Lewis - Tek De Dun And Guh Long(Crop Over 2011) Fellas I hope wanna listening.....I love this tune bad bad have a kinda Gryner feel
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    De Ting - RPB

    My favourite ragga soca so far... Red Plastic Bag - De Ting(Crop Over 2011)
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    Barbados Sweet Soca & Party Monarch results

    SWEET SOCA 8th - Bret Linton - 7th - Kirk Browne - 6th - Blood - Boom Bam 5th - Lil Rick - 4th - Khiomal - 3rd - Mr. Dale 2nd - Mikey 1st - TC PARTY MONARCH 10th - Queen T 9th - Popsicle 8th - Ras Iley 6th - Khiomal & TC 5th - Lil Rick 4th - Mikey 2nd - Soca...
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    I am action - Tarah, Keanne and Tahsha

    i actually like this jam...what do u guys think Tahsha, Keann & Tarah - I Am Action[Kittens Riddim](Crop Over 2k9)
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    So what have I missed

    ok I have been off Imix for a while..... so what have I missed who jumping wid who who sleep wid who wats de word :angel:
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    Hurricanes aint nuttin to play wid

    Seriously... Hurricane Ike is about to bear down on Galveston and people on the sea wall at some bar having drinks talking bout they staying till curfew time or when the sheriff shuts them down......and all this time the waves crashing like crazy and that was only today....... its on fox news...
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    Carl Lewis Declines to Comment because of Sponsor

    When it comes to Bolt, money talks, Lewis won't By The Associated Press Posted Thursday, August 21, 2008 9:50 PM ET BEIJING (AP) - It wasn't that Carl Lewis was sad to see one of his defining achievements finally equaled. It wasn't as if the enormity of the event left him speechless. A...
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    Martina of the Netherland Antilles -Disqualifiedin the 200m

    I now check the results again and realise that they DQ the guy from Netherland Antilles..... I feel for de poor guy......wah really went on there though Rank Lane Bib Country Name Time Diff React. Time G 5 BOLT Usain 19.30 WR 0.182 S 4 CRAWFORD Shawn 19.96 +0.66 0.210 B 8...
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    Your Crop Over Experience

    OK coming from the kaddooment Day Review thread.... SOme people seemed to have a blast while others had various issues and say dem aint coming back..... Personally I thought it was a good festival.......I cant think of one event I attended that bust......... so come tell me bout ur entire...
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    Kadoomnet Day Review

    So wanna Imixers dat jump .....come tell mah how it was nuh???? I was an onlooker......and although it was a lil depressing at first I had a good time on the sidelines dance1 I was very pleased with some of the newer and smaller bands like Jump (wid Alison Hinds), Outrage (best band on the...
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    The Frying Pan

    A young man called Darren invited his mother for dinner, during the course of the meal, his mother couldn't help but notice how handsome Darren's flatmate, Simon, was. She had long been suspicious of a relationship between the two, and this only made her more curious. Over the course of the...
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    Square one favourites

    Since the Sqaure One reunion show is coming up.......So what is ur favourite Square One tunes of all time??? :polling: