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    Hey Guys, Long Time (Tune ID)

    Hello everybody, how yall doing? Please me help identify a tune I hear @ a Guyanese party last night that's now stuck in my head. This tune is old, probably came out in late 80s or early 90s. I knew it growing up but don't know who sing it... the main hook goes something like dis... Blah blah...
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    Y can't I post anything in the thread I created in the reggae forum? It's not allowing me to post reply, quote, nothing....... just curious.
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    Is It Really True........

    that all men are cheats? Am I asking for too much when I expect a man to be totally faithful to me? I refuse to believe that they aren't any real committed men out there....... I'm seriously asking this question.
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    Throwing a Special (Personal) Event Labor Day Weekend?

    Hello everyone, long time........... I just wanted to get an general opinion on this matter. For example, throwing a baby shower/celebration the Saturday of that weekend. Do you think it would be more of an advantage or disadvantage regarding attendance. I think it would be fine but someone else...
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    I'm Looking To Get My License........

    in 4 months time...... think it's possible? I don't have much of any experience in driving, besides 2 mediocre lessons (nothing to talk about) that I took with my step dad many years ago. Are there are any imixers who have done it in a short period of time, please post experiences, tips, etc.
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    The Best Disses: West Indian/American Style

    Post yuh favorite disses in here.........
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    Did I Over React?

    I have/had a WaMu credit card that has a decent APR rate and has the highest credit on it out of all my credit cards, that I just cancelled because I was upset that they wouldn't waive the late fee charge for me being late with this month's payment (3 days late). I usually pay my bills through...
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    Which Women On Here Wear Weave/Wigs And Where It Proud....

    on the regular? Please give me some inspiration.
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    Ah could kill alyuh! I just took my time typing up almost a few paragraphs long of advice for your situation only to submit it and find out thread invalid! :butcher:
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    "Radica" Kenneth Salick (TnT 2009 Chutney)

    is one of the wickedest chutney tunes out right now. Just fell in love with it after hearing it in club Nocturnal.
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    Anyone have one they would like to recommend in the NYC area? I'm looking for a nice spa to go to, preferably one that has saunas.
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    Anybody Read That Steve Harvey Book Yet?

    Let me know if it's worth all the hype, I'm looking to pick up a copy.
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    How Do Most Of You Search Forums?

    I do it by "New Post" the majority of the time..... hardly search individually, like "Soca Chat", "De Opposite Sex", etc. I'm trying to see something.
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    Khari Kill: Jesus

    Can somebody give me better understanding of this song and let me know if he bad talkin Jesus or not in it. I've been listening dis song ever since and it's one of my favorites but although I know the words and understand what he's saying, I always wanted to know if he was trying to make a...
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    Parking Lot Disaster

    Here is something funny I want to share. <div><object width="512" height="322"><param name="movie" value="" /><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true" /><param name="AllowScriptAccess" VALUE="always" /><param name="bgcolor"...
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    Where Is Dutty?

    or did he do a name change again?
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    Lets Forget About Losing Weight For A Second.......

    and lets gain a lil weight for a change. I'm tired of seeing all these threads about losing weight, getting in shape, etc. I'm pretty sure, with a site full of black west indian ppl dey have to be some men and women on here who feel dey too skinny (like me) and need to put on some weight...
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    Please ID Serani Tune.......

    It starts like this....... Intro: It's Serani It's 7 o'clock now I need my shortie It's Serani When the work is done And the sun comes down You're the one I wanna be with all night When I'm feeling down And out with a frown You're the only one that makes me feel all right Ohhh, is this...
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    King Dutty and Queen Dutty???!!!

    What da hell happen while I was gone? :confused
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    Alyuh Listen 107.5

    with Daveed Levy. There are discussing a very interesting topic about passing a law in the Caricom states where if a man have sex with his wife without her consent he can be charged with rape. Guyana seems to be the main topic at hand, I'm not sure if it's that they are refusing to pass the law...