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    homewreckers fall eeeennn!

    so how come the media doesn't put the homewreckers on blast just like the married person? is it celebrity status? Then the homewreckers want to act like victims any nonhomewreckers or homewreckers on imix (i'm sure there are a few)... fee free to fall eeeennn and chime in Do you think the...
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    aftanoon Imix

    what's new round here? :meowth:
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    question ladies

    why do yall tell yuh not so hot lookin friend that she is lookin good girl & how shes workin it & shes killin em in her outfit or what have you when in reality its not true why if yuh friend aint lookin good allyuh dont tell them? seen a picture of a girl & her friend only tellin her how she...
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    HOW GOES IT ROUND HERE? whats new?
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    mawnin imix whats new?
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    wife or husband who controls the home

    if you make most of the money in the marriage & naturally buy or contribute the majority of the money to the things that concern you guys do you get more say in the relationship? (& I'm not talking bout a few $1,000 more per year... we talkin like $20,000 plus) is it kind of understood that...
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    So Ladies, do you think you can....

    handle being the first lady? I thought about it a little last night and man you really have to have a strong marriage to be president. could you handle not being your mans first priority? but rather his 2nd or 3rd? not seeing him as often as you like for some good alone time..... not getting...
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    how many times a day do you talk to your spouse or SO at work??

    im curious how many times do you guys talk to your spouse or significant other in a day? has a fella here who every day he callin the wife to see if she got to school she callin him after she finishes 1 class and back n forth all day he tellin her what she should cook for the day her callin...
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    so explain to me why....

    at 7 in the blasted morning yuh mouth smells like a trash can and or yuh body smellin rancid.. yuh could explain that to me... i might give yuh a lil pass if it was late at the end of the day but 7 in the blasted morning .... steups i don't understand these people at all.
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    so guess who....

    they try and schedule for jury duty on February 23rd lol dead.... they schupid or wha? :no2: lol they in fuh a surprise yes
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    what time is it...?

    quittin time.. im outta here well in a few minutes week is goin good so far :scenic:
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    Dim Sum - Chinese

    not me and that again chinese guy from work took me for that... surprised i even went myself but not me if they ever try to give yuh chicken fingers... stay away its not really chicken :banned:
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    Valentines day is coming.....

    & i just wanted to let you know that i am accepting all early valentines wishes, gifts, proposals, requests, pictures, etc. etc. etc. :scenic::scenic::scenic::scenic: all prospects will be screened prior to approval wimmen only...please & thnx
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    Hungry Belly

    a brother in the 40/40 club orders up some wings....eatin... decides not to eat all so the bones and thing mixed in with the left over chicken hungry belly gal... decides shes gonna come and help herself to the leftovers good lawd... no shame eh not to mention just nasteee hope none of...
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    Wimmen who feel they lookin good

    and is gods gift to the world yuh friends never tell yuh yuh ugly or yuh not lookin good neither yuh famalee....... steups man people need to speak up ...sorry ah jus rantin p.s. not that im some stud or anything... but atleast ah know that.. steups
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    Ah feel IMIX tun into....

    a relationship counseling center. how allyuh love life doing? okay? terrible? non existent? what in the world is love?
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    Bold Faced Horner Wimmen

    what should happen to them...? :ph34r:
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    so in light of the hungry for shex thread

    The wife came home early and found her husband in their bedroom making love to a very attractive young woman. And was somewhat upset. "You are a disrespectful pig!" she cried. "How dare you do this to me -- a faithful wife, the mother of your children! I'm leaving you. I want a divorce straight...
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    so drivers.....

    tell me why it is these bobolees don't like to use they signal. either no signal is being used or they wait til they half way makin the turn to put on the signal (for what?)...steups or they want to make a stop in traffic but dont want to use their signal or hazard lights to let you know i...
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    Wimmen who does...

    shave dey eye brows & then want to draw them back on with pencil/marker.... what ever it is allyuh does use. please step to the left :stop: