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    Trinidad Carnival 2012 COUNTDOWN and BAND/SECTION ROLL CALL!

    ENHEH! well i betta organize dat one time.... if i do a good job i might even make papers
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    Trinidad Carnival 2012 COUNTDOWN and BAND/SECTION ROLL CALL!

    yes gyul people's band soundin good, i will have to go miguel moses & get some fabric and thing for my costume.... r u sexy? maybe you can come in the People's Band too, only sexyness in there :-)
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    Trinidad Carnival 2012 COUNTDOWN and BAND/SECTION ROLL CALL!

    WHERE? :ohgosh I'm afraid of those things. Hi Sharkie my name is Daddy M
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    Trinidad Carnival 2012 COUNTDOWN and BAND/SECTION ROLL CALL!

    I think I'm gonna play in the Peoples Band, I hear they were really good last year & you can get material & make your own costume... anyone else gonna be in there?
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    new Shurwayne Winchester & Y.O.U.- Lonely Road

    as far as pace chunes go for 2010, i've been pumpin this one hard in the car.. i really like it... yup and i love the brass
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    homewreckers fall eeeennn!

    so how come the media doesn't put the homewreckers on blast just like the married person? is it celebrity status? Then the homewreckers want to act like victims any nonhomewreckers or homewreckers on imix (i'm sure there are a few)... fee free to fall eeeennn and chime in Do you think the...
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    aftanoon Imix

    what's new round here? :meowth:
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    New Lil Bitts- Careful [2010 Trinidad]

    I'm liking this song too. Like someone else said I was skeptical because her voice in past recordings has annoyed me. Not here though, I like how she sounds on this track. Thumbs up here This one is on rotation for me.
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    Lured by promise of seeing her child, young mother shot dead

    This is very sad....unfortunately it seems like there was a history of abuse between them on both parts. Why people have relationships like this makes me wonder. to see it end in this matter is very sad. I don't blame the mechanics for not intervening other than they maybe should have called...
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    Never seen the first video. but..... (always a but ent... ha) I don't think this video fits the song, although the quality of the video seems decent, If I watched the video on mute & then heard the song it would be hard for me to make a correlation. There is no real concept here. Checkout the...
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    question ladies

    Zengetsu i have on meh life preserver & thermal underwear.. not worried bout thin ice :beach: cunchreegal... lol poca & picong.. think allyuh have it
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    question ladies

    hmmm no comments from the ladies huh :meowth:
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    question ladies

    why do yall tell yuh not so hot lookin friend that she is lookin good girl & how shes workin it & shes killin em in her outfit or what have you when in reality its not true why if yuh friend aint lookin good allyuh dont tell them? seen a picture of a girl & her friend only tellin her how she...
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    Traffic calming plans for Empire Blvd

    gets bicycle & deodorant ready... i go see allyuh in traffic as i pedal down through meh bike lane... just dont hit me.. i know allyuh seen the commercial just LOOK :meowth:
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    Good morning imix

    sup V how goes it?
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    well sumthin just bite me... im gonna look at flights and see who else is going been a while
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    cant complain gyul... how yuh been? goin vincy mas this year?
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    Yo Woman Buttin Me!!!

    big chune boy and he rhel soundin like beckett
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    nada im here shootin the breeze a lil bit whats up wit u?
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    Dirty Handbags(got this in an email today)

    i watch that in disgust on the train cause i know they takin them same bags and restin them on their bed and all kinda thing.. not me yes