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    No Barbadians

    What up!
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    Been a While

    Fine just where I am thanks.
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    Been a While

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    Been a While

    Well, i do feel older these days. Essi darling! What up?
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    Been a While

    Just passing through. Big up to everyone.
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    All my peeps with locs....

    Ok friend, lets not bicker in the people blog..errr post...with your stale lard...stuspe...please
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    All my peeps with locs....

    Seems like u used all the lard to grease your head babes, watch for open flames
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    All my peeps with locs....

    greasy is sexy..
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    DC area Massive

    Biking for sure if you're serious.
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    Terra B - coming home

    Rusty..let me know if u need the tune.
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    N F E R N O !!!

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    So lastnight

    I say you buy a pie and smoosh it in her face. Give her a reason not to like you.
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    yo.anyone have any good leads on flights to barbados from nyc?

    You coming to Cropover or wha?
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    Sizzla doing SOCA

    I just call it music. The argument is endless though. Is it the music or the lyrics that makes it soca...blah blah blah. Maybe it's jsut a matter of opinion. When I first heard it I was like "wow, tha's different" and I thought to myslef it sounded like upbeat dancehall or just a general...
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    Sizzla doing SOCA

    So after listening to the tune. Do you guys really think it's soca?
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    Saddam's Trial Collapses Into Chaos

    I don't even think they got the real Saddam.
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    ole skool games

    I still have an original Nintendo that works. Played it a month ago.
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    Anybody remember a show name

    I remember it, was some what popular when I was growing up.