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  1. Taj

    Dame Dash on breakfast club

    I dunno how many of yall listened or would listen to it but it's the first of their interviews I ever thought to share One it was funny he was handing their ass to them usually ppl confront Charlemange but Envy wasnt getting away Yes Dame can get over the top and I'm not really focussing on...
  2. Taj

    Fete / Event Reviews for Trini Carnival 2015

    Allyuh help me out nah. if somebody else did it don't bawl on me just direct me there. Thanks. It don't need to be detailed just put what you did, if you would try it again and what made it enjoyable for you. You an also put recommendations you got from ppl. Me Loved the Roast Cruise - nice...
  3. Taj

    Relationships and Current events

    Based on a difference in opinion on a topical issue have you just ever cut someone off for i guess simply put disagreeing with you? Can you do the whole we can agree to disagree thing, or does it depend on what the topic is? and who the person you are disagreeing with. or is it just petty no...
  4. Taj

    this ignorant lifestyle thing

    it really does have consequences Oftentimes you ignore the fools and degenerates but if ever its a message that you can't just tend your garden you have to try to help others. This murder suicide incident geeez The difference that could have been made between having a degenerate like Floyd...
  5. Taj

    So Anil Roberts gone from Worse to WorsERer?

    allyuh tink he gettin outta dis nex shitstorm?
  6. Taj

    the power of the word BLACK

    White Americans Draw Distinctions Between African-Americans and Blacks New research suggests the racial labels conjure up very different images. • White Americans are fine with African-Americans. Blacks, however, are a different story. That’s the disturbing implication of a new study, which...
  7. Taj

    Don Lemon trolling?

    on the bill cosby saga Lemon was interviewing Joan Tarshis about her claim that Cosby raped her twice in 1969 when he suddenly steered the conversation to how she could have avoided the alleged rape. The awkward lecture culminated with Lemon suggesting Tarshis could/should have bitten Cosby’s...
  8. Taj

    Serial the Podcast

    Has anyone been following it? How do you feel about it both the convicted murder and the fact that the creators/producers are profiting from the story. Serial
  9. Taj


    with Sean Bean anyone watches???
  10. Taj

    do so doan like so

    Ugh the mentality is pervasive Last night, VH1 aired the highly anticipated Hollywood version of Love & Hip Hop, and it follows the relationships of a few young R&B singers and rappers including Ray J, Soulja Boy, Yung Berg, Omarion and Lil Fizz. Prior to the show airing, three of the fellas...
  11. Taj

    Columbia Univ rape victim- Carry that Weight

    carries around her mattress Sulkowicz reported her alleged sexual assault, which occurred on the first day of her sophomore year in August 2012, after she found out that two other students had made complaints against the same student. Each time, he was found "not responsible" by Columbia...
  12. Taj

    The pathologist and the senior official

    What is the real story behind the acrimony at the Forensic Sciences Complex? Valery Alexandrov and this unnamed official that assaulted him - its on camera then the employees that witnessed it that refuse to give police statements and apparently have gotten away with non-compliance. Then the...
  13. Taj

    What are record companies good for?

    If all this is true its practically like she was an independent artist with occasional investor input Def Jam didn't want to take any risk at all but isn't that what record companies do???? WoW Back in 2008, one of Rihanna’s former accountants, Patricia Williams, was fired and gave a tell-all...
  14. Taj

    False Papers by Bodyguard and the controversy

    sounds like typical calypso content to me. Some of the responses remind me of the states when certain groups under fire they get all the protection and vigorious protest saying things are categorized under hate mongering yet when it happens to other groups they can barely get a 2 mins. Calypso...
  15. Taj

    Expensive cities and the emergence of the artist

    With threads on here like and this this article is saying new york city is no longer the mecca where you go to 'make...
  16. Taj

    Switzerland's treatment of asylum seekers

    Plans by local communities in Switzerland to ban asylum seekers from public places such as swimming pools, sports fields and playgrounds are proving controversial. Amnesty International has said the proposals are akin to apartheid. Quietly this summer, Switzerland’s local authorities have...
  17. Taj

    Better Life Index

    OECD Better Life Index Here's Mine <iframe src="" width="640" height="420" frameborder="0"></iframe>
  18. Taj

    misogynoir and Fast Tailed Young Girls

    never heard it coined as such either way It just reminded me of the big discussion a while back of (if i remember correctly) who to blame, who needs to take responsibility for themselves cos you can't change the world. Towards the end of the thread there was some discussion of the forward...
  19. Taj

    An abundance of caution?

    HPD responds to accusations of racial profiling with Oklahoma teen, dancers | Houston even if they weren't black would you have given permission for that trip?
  20. Taj

    Nigella Lawson Domestic Goddess

    although the 'throat grab' aka choking pics have been out a while now Nigella Lawson photos: See shocking pictures of Charles Saatchi repeatedly squeezing TV chef's throat - Mirror Online seeing them sequentially is crazy she went on to explain what really happened: Dude decided to divorce...