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    disspointed !!!

    wow have not been in here for a long time hope everyone doing good.wel first off i just out my sister is gay she being hiding it for a long time.
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    i have a friend right she met this guy after a while she found out one of his baby mama having a baby .ok she had the baby recently she say he stay couple days with her in the hospital so now she asking me if u think they still together although he say they not whats u al answers to tht ?
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    why does men keep colonge in their car ?
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    they always say nuttin happpen before its time!!!!!!

    i am so blessed right now my car got in an accident the ins total my car god so goood i got another one thank god !!!!!!!!
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    y men text on silent ring !!!

    is it something there hiding from they g/f/?
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    when you in a realtionship and u tell a guy about his phone and texting .do they suppose to get upset ? and then they tell u its just mechanical stuff dont worry bout it .what matters is when am with u .
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    a friend ask me today how long should i wait to let my boy friend met her parents.i told her when the time is right was i wrong or right .just asking u guys ok
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    hey i heard this lady say today she love her son more than her daughter and then she reply and say it mean wth! what wrong with some praents now adays
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    what if a guy told u he love u and u never say it back to him should he be upset ?
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    if u and your kids father not together is it ok for u to date some one else ?
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    los angeles carnival!!!!

    well i must sa i had a great time this yr la carnival was great i even played mas sthis time lol i think i doing it agin
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    airline tickects

    hey anyone know were u can get cheap airline ticket to ny
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    hey anyone know were u could get cheap rt ticket to ny?
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    am i wrong or right???

    hey i just want to know if i am wrong or right to tel my baby daddy i dont like how my child hair look she is on vaction with him.
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    hey how will u feel if u had to send yuh child to her dad for the whole summerwith another woman?
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    y it is one someone have a child for someone ppl try to mash it up and try hate on the person although the person still mess with them .
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    earthquake in california!!!

    it was a 4.4 at couple minutes after four thank god there was no damages.
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    y me?????

    ok i went to the chat ppl saying is not me but aa
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    what to do!!!!!!

    hey if u was in asituation that someone aint call u for a whole week and all of a sudden they call u asking u to do stuff would u do it ??
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    just want to know what u guys thik!!!

    hey i have a friend she had a baby she tell her man its his he sAY its not so he tell her he went and do dna but remind u he aint bring no paper work. anyhow she lie and tel him is someone one else waht would u do if u in that situation????