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  1. Degni

    Firms for quick repairs

    Maybe you find it easier to google it? So you can choose a company by price, conditions, and so on.
  2. Degni

    ¿Cómo suele pasar su tiempo libre y dónde conoce a personas interesantes?

    Me encanta apostar en Internet, conocer principalmente en empresas generales o en algún lugar de los bares
  3. Degni

    . ¿qué me pasa?

    No diría que hay algo malo en TI, simplemente no has caminado todavía, y eso es bastante normal para TI. Depende de Cuántos años tengas
  4. Degni

    How to avoid scams on the internet while trading

    If I were you, I would just pick the most popular trading platform, and since it's a reliable one, trade there with no worries.
  5. Degni

    Should I open a business?

    Well, you're right about it. I'd be too lazy to do something like that and stay at my current job, even though it's not well-paid.
  6. Degni

    Investing in NFT

    I've never heard of NFT before, but I think that it's just like crypto trading, so you can try.
  7. Degni

    Why startups are willing to start a crypto exchange like Poloniex & How to do it?

    Often the lack of information and knowledge becomes the cause of failure or insufficiently good result, so the search for information can be a really important stage. When I started trading and investing in bitcoin, this site was recommended to me. I think this was good advice because I found...
  8. Degni

    Starting a Cryptocurrency Exchange like Binance is a Profitable Business???

    It seems to me that this is a really profitable business. A lot of people are investing in cryptocurrency now, it's popular.
  9. Degni


    Puedes ganar dinero en línea, hay mucha información sobre esto, y no es hacer trampa, ahí es donde engañan a sus clientes, y ahí es donde no son fraude. Yo gano dinero trabajando con corredores, si usted está interesado en probarlo, aquí...
  10. Degni

    Apa yang kau lakukan

    Aku tidak pernah mencoba untuk menghasilkan uang pada taruhan. Forex selalu membuatku lebih tertarik pada diriku sendiri. Saya telah menyaksikan banyak video pelatihan pedagang top, membaca ulang banyak bahan pelatihan. Akhirnya, saya memilih broker yang dapat diandalkan dan mulai perdagangan...
  11. Degni

    Engage in trading

    Tell me about the best platform for trading.
  12. Degni

    Quero trabalhar em casa

    Eu realmente quero tentar começar a trabalhar em casa, mas honestamente, eu não sei por onde começar. Pode recomendar-me alguma coisa?
  13. Degni

    Non ho soldi.

    Ragazzi, ciao a tutti! Puoi consigliarmi un buon posto per risolvere i problemi di denaro? Le sarei molto grato.
  14. Degni

    Oneshot your bitcoin dreams are all but dead..proof inside

    Damn, I don't trust these digital currencies, they just want to get money for us.
  15. Degni

    hedefi görüyorum

    Sürekli online kazançları eleştirenlerin yanıldıklarını düşünüyorum. Her şeyin boşanma ve aldatma olduğu bir yanılgıdır. Hata yapmamak için daha çok okumak ve öğrenmek gerektiğini düşünüyorum.
  16. Degni


    ขอคำแนะนำเรื่องงานค่ะ ทำงานใคร หรือมีทางเลือกทางการเงินอะไรบอกได้นะคะ นึกไม่ออกว่ามีความเกี่ยวข้องแค่ไหน
  17. Degni

    Interesting gift

    I want to order a life-size puppet with the image of my friend's favorite football player, but I cannot find where to make the desired print.
  18. Degni


    Gibt es solche Kredite oder Anleihen, damit Sie nicht in Ihrer persönlichen Geschichte wühlen und nur mit einer minimalen Anzahl von Dokumenten Geld geben? Ich möchte einen bestimmten Betrag nehmen und genau den gleichen Betrag zurückgeben
  19. Degni

    Il y avait un ami

    Grâce à Internet, nos capacités ont explosé. Il n'y avait jamais eu une aussi belle opportunité de gagner de l'argent auparavant. C'est incroyable de voir comment nous avons avancé dans notre développement.
  20. Degni

    Hair and Skin care (dreadlocks + braids)

    I've heard about the benefits of shea butter as well, but only for hair. Is it good for the skin? I have some problems, so I wonder if I could use it.