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    How much will your lifestyle cost?

    Your Life Will Cost... YOUR LIFE WILL COST: $8,172,000 YOUR AVERAGE ANNUAL HOUSEHOLD INCOME WILL NEED TO BE: $204,300 Dreaming the American Dream While you won't live a lavish life of excess, you do plan on spending more in your lifetime than the average American. Create a financial plan...
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    sensitive question

    if we married then she with me. she didnt marry me for sex alone. I would never consent to that. theres always other ways to please. If I ain't able and she feel she need it somewhere else, then go and don't come back.
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    atlanta carnival 2012

    Where's the best area to stay?
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    Please forward to your friends

    thats good stuff
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    give thanks, i gone be using this link a lot
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    In Jay Z's letter to Blue, he states he will refrain from using the B word..

    Most ayo talking bout de man and ayo does still call woman so (man and woman). live and let live
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    NSFUG - Shirts

    dat ugly. you can do better
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    iPad Camera Quality

    wha game ayo playing? The camera on the ipad sucks. none of the pics i've taken with it came out with any decent quality. I havent tried any enhancer apps
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    In Jay Z's letter to Blue, he states he will refrain from using the B word..

    so ayo vex that the man stop say he gone say it, or that he stop saying because of his daughter? either whats the problem? how does that affect you?
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    Female senator busted for having an affair with her staffer

    just when you think you cant be surprised on imix, you but up on thread like these. wow. is a good thing i dont know any of ayo in ya, I wouldnt trust ayo with a bucket of piss from the thinking some of you have.
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    My Blackness Is Not Defined By Feelings of Inferiority!

    maybe you shouldve stayed sleeping today. this kind of thread might hurt your little head
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    Women in lead roles......

    Underworld series
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    What you think bout dis fam

    I dont see any problems. the kids young enough to accept the step parents as theirs.
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    8th Grader SHot By Police after Brandishing Weapon

    for some reason that made me laugh!
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    woooooooooooow...i juss don't know!

    All this time I thought is your friend to referring to as the loser, not knowing is him you calling a loser. As Taj say de man bread done butter, why he gone mess it up for? then she reinforced it by saying dont get into married ppl business. You friend is the real LOSER.
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    Watch the X-Factor tonight!

    I deh foreign ten years now and I still cant do that. Its etiher you yanking or you talking in your accent
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    Watch the X-Factor tonight!

    I didn't know is BVI she was raised, I just knew VI. ppl from USVI repped her properly though
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    ? on nassau Bahamas

    cause the rest a we aint close minded like dem small minded jamaicans
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    Christmas preparations???

    I think i might go look for a tree this week