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  1. Doctor's Daughter

    Brand New Hit for C2K16 by Kernal Roberts: 'Make Sure'
  2. Doctor's Daughter

    Brand New Kernal Roberts: Soca State Of Mind!!!

    Soca State Of Mind Kernal Roberts 2014 Soca :dance::dance::dance::dance::dance:
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    The Heliconia Foundation for Young Professionals wants YOU!!!

    Are you an enterprising young person between the ages of 25 and 40? Are you a tertiary degree holder, working towards a tertiary degree or have three years professional experience in your field of expertise? Do you want to contribute towards the development of Trinidad and Tobago? Are you...
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    What's happening on this side of the internet?

    Just passing through. Wais de scene?
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    Aye Allyuh!

    Wais de scene?
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    Hey y'all. How's everything on here these days? It's been a while... :)

    Just saying hi to all and sending some love and blessings. Happy Holidays and God bless each of you and your respective families.:hi: Q (DD)
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    Facebook and Hashtags...

    What are your views???
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    Hello Everyone!!!

    How are things on this side??
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    No more Imix Bacchanal???

    What's popping 'round here these days???
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    Do you ever Miss your EX???

    Like really miss that person to the point where it's difficult to move on with anyone else? How long should a Tabanca last for, that's healthy and normal for an individual???
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    God doh sleep

    Doh fuhget...
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    Trinidad.... Crime.... Sighs..... Lord Help Us!!!!

    This is no time to bash what country is better than the rest, cause crime is affecting the ENTIRE Caribbean. Sadly, it is worst in few than the rest... The effects would trickle down and eventually the entire Caribbean would be labeled negatively... This is time for us to PRAY and come up with...
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    I succumbed to e-pressure and entertained a few videos. I must say that the one with the University of Georgia's Swim Team has taken the trophy thus far... I've seen a few local (trini) ones that had me cracking up as well. Some of them lack creativity, but it can grow on you... I actually like...
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    Machel Montano HD at Zen Ash Wednesday 2013 - YouTube <iframe width="420" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> Enjoy!!! :)
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    SPAM lol

    lmao... Morning allyuh!
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    No other 'younger' Soca Artiste has taken Soca to the level that Machel Montano has!

    Say what allyuh want, like it or hate it, but you must admit that no other artiste has done as much for propelling Soca on an international platform as Machel has... This is not discounting the works of the greats such as Sparrow, Kitch, Lord Melody etc, because they have done a tremendous...
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    Doh ask meh no set ah damn questions....

    How many of you are advocates of this stance in relationships???
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    POSSESSED... That song has a jumbie!!!!

    Something about this music... What name stop? I can't stop!!! OMG, I really love this tune... It's a blend of several of kerwin's songs, and it's probably the most addictive song i've heard in a while... This music seems edifying and uplifting... :clapping::clapping::clapping:
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    Nuff man get horn and doh know that their kid/s not theirs...

    spinoff from the 'Jacket' thread... This is very common in the west indies, just that men haven't really proceeded legally to claim pain and suffering damages.... But truss, if men were to be proactive about this, nuff gyal go be broken... Maybe Neisha in Republic Bank should tell the world...
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    Trinbago meets South Africa.... From the rhythmic bosom of Africa comes a collaboration that is filled with all the warmth of home, melded amidst the undying love of sincere Soca aficionados around the world. In “Possessed”, Machel Montano and Kerwin Du Bois are joined on a spirit-infused...