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  1. Doctor's Daughter

    Brand New Hit for C2K16 by Kernal Roberts: 'Make Sure'

    Lol. I'm always here, just don't comment. Last year he did something with her but she didn't push it.
  2. Doctor's Daughter

    Brand New Hit for C2K16 by Kernal Roberts: 'Make Sure'
  3. Doctor's Daughter

    Machel and Patrice | Great Parade | Road March ????

    Note that most of you do not reside in Trinidad at the moment and are going by speculation. This song is not getting much play on the radio...
  4. Doctor's Daughter

    Brand New Kernal Roberts: Soca State Of Mind!!!

    Soca State Of Mind Kernal Roberts 2014 Soca :dance::dance::dance::dance::dance:
  5. Doctor's Daughter

    The Heliconia Foundation for Young Professionals wants YOU!!!

    Are you an enterprising young person between the ages of 25 and 40? Are you a tertiary degree holder, working towards a tertiary degree or have three years professional experience in your field of expertise? Do you want to contribute towards the development of Trinidad and Tobago? Are you...
  6. Doctor's Daughter

    *Trinidad and Tobago General Elections 2015*

    Make sure and vote next year peeps.
  7. Doctor's Daughter

    What's happening on this side of the internet?

    Just passing through. Wais de scene?
  8. Doctor's Daughter

    Aye Allyuh!

    as if i really would... u feel i have swollen to study lol... how things on here. I just passing thru to see who is who and who gone.
  9. Doctor's Daughter

    Aye Allyuh!

    lmao... i'd post one of me and meh man.... oh, and he's an imixer too ;)
  10. Doctor's Daughter

    Aye Allyuh!

    Wais de scene?
  11. Doctor's Daughter

    Machel Montano - Ministry of Road #MOR (Soca 2014)

  12. Doctor's Daughter

    Super Blue - Calypso Yo Yo

    no matter how it's twisted, this song is pure utter unadulterated SHIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Doctor's Daughter

    MOR music video...

  14. Doctor's Daughter

    Super Blue - Calypso Yo Yo

    Real shit!!!