1 Million Credits...


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cmon dollbabi.. you know how they do... lol.. i'm glad triniameri got it.. triniameri you should split it with agro..
:confused: why should she split it?

done :grin:
It's a competition and although agro pics were nice.. Clearly trinismeris were better.. What's this split talk? ESP from someone who didnt win NOR would she have "split" had she won..

Maybe she pressing u to split so u credits wobt match hers?..lol


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It's a conspiracy in this bia...Trinike was still good to me earlier this week so I can't even say anything bad about the guy.


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Damn son

you bruk like darg...Hope you get back some of what you gave out..
lol it's all good. there are good posters out there. remember i went from being at "0" to wining 425K to making 9mil, it should be possible again. Probably by the next time i participate Dragon might make it unreachable though :kicks

i like the little excitement Dragon allowed the board with the credits over the week or so, ah see he trying to continue it.


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p.s. the altruistic thing LR should have recommended was a full split, but i staying out of woman business :pardon: