20-year-old man caught by his father trying to rape his grandmother


A crying shame. People will do anything to get what they want-- doh matter who their hurting in the process. Laws, help us

Black Madonna

damn can't even blame this on an absentee father. I dont think his mom was mentioned because she is not relevant to the story. men will fukk anything


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This is obviously a mentally ill man.....not sure y most are in shock of what crazy peep do.....

To me itsut how can people get help........we can castrate him or even give him the deeath penalty......there are so many other tick ing time bombs.......

did family try to get him help? Was help available


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The man can always have more children but he can't have another mother. He right fuh tun he een. This world full of sick people see. Maybe he was sniffing some of that bath salts or something or high on something cause that nah seem normal ah tarl ah tarl.