2018 Jamaican Soca they Don't want to know about !


JA Soca Ambassador
So i just get word that the WORL BOSS...for those who don't know, that is Vybz Kartel, he is putting something together for Carnival Monday in his cellblock that will go World Wide !
So, The Worl Boss, almost done with his Massive tune that will shake up Halfway Tree and take Road March.....,he is putting the final touch on it.....also, look for his BIG Winter Olympic tune that he will drop Anyday now when went enter the World's stage in KOREA next month !


JA Soca Ambassador
So the Yardies....doing their part to ensure that Soca take its place on the World Stage....but we still have a lot of of bad-minded Purists fighting Down the Ting and the Yardies...and want to keep it pure......but the Ras Horse out the Barn Already........

Rhythm Up !

Konshens - Hot Thing

just like they tried to make fetch happen, people really trying to make Jamaican soca happen, Jamaica is reggae, dancehall nation, they may have few soca songs but don't think Jamaican soca singers will be respected by most Jamaicans anytime soon.


JA Soca Ambassador
When it is all said and done and we reflect back on 2018.......it will be another banner year for the Yardies on the World Stage.

Who dont know....just dont know !


Repect Our Soca Pioneers
Busy Signal - Charge Up

After listening to the other artists on this riddim I think that Busy has one of the catchiest songs on this riddim so good job from him.

Busy is a truly versatile dancehall artist, I really rate him and Mr Vegas for versatility! :good: