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Dragon Singh
weyyy that jackie guerrido bound to wear dat to give weather? LOL. gotta love the latinas
LOL , I have a friend “ Latina “ who works here in South Florida as a reporter and she said that she would never get on ah top station because she refuse to dress like that or get bigger Tut Tuts


Yeah Tamron is very attractive out of the leading blacks in US news (Harris Faulkner, Isha Sesey & Fredricka Withfield) but Robin Meade, Dana Perino & Kimberly Guilfoyle got them beat. IMO all of them still come up short to Jackie

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this is that situation where you're just watching so she can turn to the side for a better view or you look at her thighs to pass time while waiting for her to turn to the side good...again.

Isha Sesay

my baby mother and future ex wife...didn't know she did weather

Rula Jebreal -

her too


Earth Angel
Does she have any other recent background outside of being Israeli/Palestinian? (And yes, I am aware that there are plenty in both places that look like her). Just wondering...


Red Man
IDK about the winner, because even though I find Isha beautiful, Rula, Folly and Tamron are are more pleasing to the eyes.