6yr old girl raped at school.


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how is a 14yr old and 6 yr old in the same school
First question popped into my mind. My eyes actually misread it as back of the school BUS at first cause I couldn't see how the two of them in the same school!

I finally understand why the U.S. has this middle passage they call Middle School...to separate out the ones that too old to be hanging around primary school children and too young to be thrown in with the wolves...i mean the teenaagers.

he probably started school late, it doh have post primary again...
So late that he is 14 in primary in the CARIBBEAN? A dunce dat bwoy dunce!

gyul u wud be surprised eh...i meet a good number of ppl who never send they child pre school, never got them immunized, sometimes dont even have a proper birthpaper for dey child and then actin all surprised when they cant get them into 1st year....
So what is the government doing about that?


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So what is the government doing about that?
well there are certain welfare services you cannot access unless everyone in your household has a computerized birth certificate....ppl normally find some way to get that birth certificate after yuh tell dem dey cant no free moeny from de govt unless dey get it....

also they have set up these things called TTConnect centres in rural communities where once you at least registered a birth but never got the official birth certificate you can apply to have it mailed to you instead of having to go Port of Spain....


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How de fock ah 14yr old could be still at large? weh de hell he living? boy meh eh know what tuh say bout trini again. nobody at the school know who he parents is aought? :headbang
The parents should have cut he ass all de way to de police station. If he cud do dat to a 6 year old, no one in the household is safe.


i wont lie eh.. but some chirren are the products of their environment... what this 14yr old boy doing getting aroused by a 6 yr old.. eh.. u can ansa da??

an where are his parents?? why they cant find him?? dais a big man or wa???