what have you bought from them??


Amazon is just like Target.. you go into target for one thing and u come out with a bunch of other shit u didnt intend to buy.... You go on Amazon and you start browsin, then you browse the suggetions, then u start buying all kinda shit, CDs, exercise shit, shit for your cellphone.. etc.. smh
truth. lol


not me.. i go to buy one thing.. and add stuff in the cart.. but then click save for later on everything else nad purchase the shit i really came to buy in the first place..


Loyalty to Loyalty
amazon is like goint to target or walmart in the vein of dey got EVERYTHING

i've gotten hair products, black soap, shea butter. too many shoes to mention they always got brands on sale or discounted prices or even amazon warehouse truss you don't have to pay full price for anything. I've gotten books from there, space bags, bookcases, sleeping bags, lil gadgets.
Returns never been a problem

that amazon wishlist button is a godsend no need to remember where you saw what. just add to a centralized place easy. very helpful for cost comparison