American Born Children of Immigrants



Are Immigrants' Children Really Smarter? Family and Cultural Tools Help Them Succeed, Study Finds - ABC News

Americans born to immigrants (or in families that retain immigrant culture) are not the same as the US born children of Americans who have been in the country for multiple generations. This has nothing to do with race or whether you are from the Caribbean.

Black born in America to working class Caribbean parents is not the same as Black born in America to working class African American parents.

It is not about whether Seaga is Jamaican or if Allison Hinds is Bajan. No one cares.

If we are going to push for our children and grandchildren (or students, nieces, nephews) to be prosperous we have to recognize that where your parents are from is more important than where you are born in determining your success. Because once we recognize that, we can figure out the WHY and apply those principals to all children.


Earth Angel
Good thread. Knowledge of heritage and cultural background is the key. Certain Caribbean people understand this but many have understand how important it is in American society.