Another crazy shooting incident in TO.


Toronto has the lowest crime rate of most major cities you could compare it to. This "Toronto ah run red" shit is idiof_u_c_kracy from people who dunno shit bout the place.

Condolences to the communities and famalies affected by the recent events.


Torontonians are such pussies, lil Jamaica and Trinidad packing way more heat than Toronto, 16 murders and they getting on like the bottom drop out.

remember when I went TO in 2000, the places them calling ghettos was a normal area, not even intimidating at all.
Basically. Me not even take offense to the pussies remark in context with the conversation.

You either get it or you don't ... unu fi stop buy hype.


not really, but T.O people be acting mad hype for 1 or 2 murders
That should show people how the crime rate is in Toronto. Nuff place when shot lick out and people dead there is barely a blink of an eye - everyday thing that. The recent events have been alarming to people because of their close succession. To tell the truth one sum baddi dead or injured is too much.


They got wolves, bears, giant rabbits and abominable snow men out there where she from though. You have to strap up with something. I'm amazed how they plant civilization out there among wildness like that.
LOL you were supposed to be in here talking sense Das. I am like thoroughly disappointed LOL


The deaths are low but the number of people getting shot is high..not sure Toronto is use to such mass shootings ..


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I'll always remember a quite humourous moment from 2 years ago. He used to get in trouble with the law back in New Jersey, everytime he comes here, he just thinks about the amount of dirt he'd get away with if he lived here......Toronto too nice he tells me. My cousin was visiting here from Georgia over the XMas holidays and I pulled into a gas station to fill up. I filled the gas, walked inside paid the cashier and came back to my vehicle. My cousin sat there with a amazed look on his face.

Cousin: "Wow cousin I can't believe you just did that!"

Me: "What did I do?"

Cousin: "You mean to tell me in Toronto they allow you to pump gas and then pay the cashier afterwards?" Wow!

Me: "What's so special about that?"

Cousin: "You'd better prepay back home, muthafacks back home would drive off and jack these stations clean"