Are single women using feminism as a way to hide their void?


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Nature and social conditioning are two different things. If it was innate for women to be the way you describe then, there wouldn't be the need to "socially condition " them. It's good to understand the concepts before trying to raise a point.

If we look at the primitive societies ( there are still some vestige of them today) we can see that in those places, the women do not only do the whole maintaining of the house and taking care of the kids but they are also the ones who work the land and tend to the animals. In many of those societies, the men do close to nothing. So other than the idea of men providing a sense of "security "and mating to make babies, these women do not "need" the men. In these societies having a man is mainly a social statement on which women are judged for. Rather and actual need much less a desire.

So yes, I agree women have been socially conditioned to put men's needs above their but there is nothing natural about that. This can better be see. in countries where women no longer depends on men to give them social acceptance. Just so you know the US is not one of those countries.

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Sigh. I have said this so many times on IMIX:

Women nowadays do not NEED men. We are equally or more educated and can have children without men, have pleasure without men and travel and do whatever we want without men.

This does not mean that successful women do not WANT men. Almost all women do. Most of the women that I know are lawyers or business women or have MDs or PhDs and those who are single have decided not to SETTLE for men who are not attractive enough or good enough or sexy enough or nice enough (or whatever that particular woman finds important). For hundreds of years women have had to settle and to perform in a role. Those days are over. Girls who are independent rarely say that they don't want men. My single friends almost all are looking for men but they CHOOSE not to be with men that they do not want to be with. I discussed this with a girl as recently as yesterday. Can someone copy and paste this 100 X somewhere? It is not that complicated.

They don't have to degrade themselves anymore because they don't need a man for anything- sex, money, status, baby making. So, when they are with a man it is because they love him and choose to be with him.

Is that so hard for men to accept. Just let it go if you don't like it. There will always be chickenheads and gold diggers and housewives. Don't worry about the women who have chosen something more. Let them live their lives as they chooses. For the first time in history they have a CHOICE.
Live your life as you choose, that is fine... But who gave you the right to decide that your children don't need fathers in their lives??? If you have decided to take this route, then by definition you have chosen to remain childless. It is unfair on your kids to impose this lifestyle on them. Children need balance in their lives, you are wrong for intentionally taking that away from them!